To Find Oil, You Have to Drill
Part 6

Date: 08/25/2011

Continuing to Lead—Excellence in Execution

Greater equipment reliability and the expertise delivered by Operation Support Centers both contribute to improving drilling performance. When combined with integrated drilling systems to achieve greater drilling intensity, they contribute to achieving operational excellence as part of the Schlumberger Excellence in Execution initiative.

Consistency is key

Excellence in Execution is a concept designed to increase performance through improving technology development, deployment, and delivery. In a nutshell, it’s all about consistency—with everybody getting it right the first time, every time. To make this happen, Schlumberger is making other changes that focus on the field support organization, for it is here that operational tools receive the maintenance they need while in service.

Money well spent

Over the last 5 years, more than USD 300 million has been invested in building new large oilfield services bases around the world. This investment has been complemented by upgrades of other bases to similar higher standards. The new facilities provide standardized and more robust maintenance practices that support the introduction of processes focused on quality improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency. Equipment is tracked through the facility, upon return from one job and on its way to the next, in an approach very similar to that adopted by the aviation industry. This has already led to reduced maintenance time and lower nonproductive operational time.

Top-notch new learning centers

Of course, it’s not only a question of infrastructure; it’s also a question of training. Considerable investment has therefore been directed to developing new-generation learning centers. The new centers bring consistency and efficiency to the entire training process. Not only are they equipped with test wells, drilling rigs, service pads, and classrooms, they also house laboratories in which technical staff can develop consistent maintenance skills.

Training so important

Centralized training promotes tremendous standardization—ensuring that every operating engineer, every maintenance engineer, and every crew member is trained to the same level of competency. After all, the training of maintenance engineers is just as important as that of the operating field engineers, particularly in that the consistency of their work has a direct bearing on the performance of the equipment in their charge.

Plan to execute

The growing intensity of oilfield operations increasingly favors differentiation not only through superior technology but also through operational performance. Excellence in Execution responds to this by significantly improving the way Schlumberger delivers its services and products.

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To Find Oil, You Have to DrillTo Find Oil, You Have to Drill
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