To Find Oil, You Have to Drill
Part 7

Date: 09/22/2011

Reducing Operational Risk—Putting It All Together

There is no question that oil and natural gas will still be the major source of the world’s energy supply for decades to come. New and innovative technologies will solve many of the challenges in producing the more diverse hydrocarbons that will form part of that supply, but there is no doubt that drilling intensity will have to increase—both on land and offshore. Integrated engineering of drillstring components will be a major contributor to that intensity.

All about drilling

Schlumberger market positions in directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling, and logging-while-drilling combined with Smith’s leading positions in drill bits, drilling tools, and drilling fluids through M-I SWACO as well as the expertise of Geoservices in mud logging will help customers reach the three key objectives of improved drilling efficiency, better well placement, and wellbore assurance.

Staying on target

Improved drilling efficiency will be achieved by the interoperability and full compatibility of drillstring components with each other and by the understanding of the interaction of the drilling process with the rock formation—hydraulically and mechanically.

Competitive advantage

Better well placement comes through the correct acquisition, interpretation, and application of a combination of surface and downhole petrotechnical measurements to enable precise and accurate wellbore steering while aiding reservoir characterization and increasing productive reservoir exposure. The core Schlumberger skill of petrotechnical metrology represents an unassailable competitive advantage.

Separating from the pack

Last, greater wellbore assurance results from key Schlumberger skills in subsurface understanding and expertise to ensure wellbore integrity over the life of the well. Schlumberger leadership in petrotechnical skills, workflow processes, and subsurface engineering is the clear differentiator vital to such assurance.

The science of drilling

The seamless integration of drilling technology and workflow is the ultimate enabler for increasing drilling intensity while reducing operational risk. To achieve this, there must be a clear drive toward drilling as a science and the implementation of initiatives that encourage equipment reliability and operational consistency. As such, the span of optimization encompasses the design and development of integrated drilling systems, continues through the training of both field crews and maintenance staff, and leverages new-generation facilities for state-of-the-art operational bases, multidisciplinary training centers, and remote operational support locations.

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To Find Oil, You Have to Drill
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