To Find Oil, You Have to Drill
Part 11

Date: 12/16/2011

Excellence in Execution—Centralized Maintenance Facilities

Larger-scale facilities provide more standardized and robust maintenance practices. The Drilling & Measurements base in Commerce City, Colorado, USA, is an excellent example of what can be achieved through the centralization of resources. This base manages the maintenance and movement of the entire US land equipment fleet, covering an area of 3 million square miles. The maintenance technicians follow a global training and development program and are actively engaged in continuous improvement of their facility. The layout of the shop floor and movement of assets through the maintenance process has been optimized, and monthly objectives further improve efficiency by identifying and eliminating wasted time and resources.

Performance increases

The maintenance team’s ownership of its performance has delivered dramatic results. In the two years since the facility began maintaining the US rotary steerable fleet, the daily throughput of tools has doubled without any significant increase in people or resources. Efficiency gains like this enable quicker turnaround of tools, which reduces the number of assets required. Equipment reliability has also increased with standardization and specialization at one operating base. Logistics are managed by a dedicated control center, which plans the movement of assets for maximum utilization. This implementation of Excellence in Execution benefits customers through improved reliability and equipment availability while Schlumberger benefits from cost and efficiency savings.

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To Find Oil, You Have to Drill
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