Groundbreaking Technology

Date: 08/27/2014

Reservoir mapping-while-drilling service recognized for its innovation

The Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) Innovation Award recognizes groundbreaking technological innovation in the energy sector and reminds that the future of the energy industry depends increasingly on its ability to develop new technologies and solutions.

Schlumberger received the 2014 ONS Innovation Award for its GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service. The award jury highlighted that this innovative technology lowers risks of horizontal drilling, enabling safe and controlled landings of horizontal wells—it saves time as well as costs as it removes the pilot holes from the rig program.

Using deep, directional electromagnetic measurements, the GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service reveals subsurface-bedding and fluid-contact details more than 100 ft [30 m] from the wellbore. This reservoir-scale view provides an unprecedented depth of investigation, enabling operators to optimize landing, maximize reservoir exposure, and refine field development plans.

Pilot holes, which are often drilled to evaluate the formation before landing the horizontal, can cost tens of millions of dollars offshore. Even when drilled, pilot holes do not effectively mitigate risks in complex reservoirs where shallow or deep landings may occur. Resolving the reservoir and its boundaries, the GeoSphere service optimizes well landing—eliminating drilling risks and costs associated with pilot holes.

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GeoSphere Reservoir
Mapping-While-Drilling Service

GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service
Using deep, directional electromagnetic measurements, GeoSphere reveals sub-surface bedding and fluid-contact details more than 100 ft from the wellbore. Download image