Defining Coiled Tubing

Date: 09/26/2014

Intervention tools for improving well and reservoir performance

Drilling or workover rigs, iconic symbols of the oil field, are not always required for drilling, completions or maintenance operations. Increasingly, the coiled tubing unit is used for many well intervention operations and certain drilling applications.

Coiled tubing refers to a continuous length of small-diameter steel pipe and related surface equipment as well as associated drilling, completion and workover, or remediation, techniques. Coiled tubing oilfield technology was initially developed for working on live, producing wells. More recently, this technology has gained wider acceptance among operators for an expanding range of workover and drilling applications. The trend toward extended-reach wells favors coiled tubing for its capability to drill or to convey tools and equipment in high angle wellbores.

Wide range of applications

Coiled tubing technology is frequently used to deploy tools and materials through production tubing or casing while remedial work is performed on producing wells. Coiled tubing fulfills three key requirements for downhole operations on live wells by providing a dynamic seal between the formation pressure and the surface, a continuous conduit for fluid conveyance and a method for running this conduit in and out of a pressurized well.

Coiled tubing strength and rigidity, combined with its capability to circulate treatment fluids, offer distinct advantages in workover operations. In addition to drilling and completion operations, oil and gas companies are using coiled tubing to help fish for lost equipment and for conveying well logging tools.

Coiled tubing defined

 “Defining Coiled Tubing,” part of a series of introductory articles by the Oilfield Review, provides a concise overview of the coiled tubing process. The article describes the basic coiled tubing concepts, interventions and applications. Through definitions and illustrations, the article defines the basic techniques used in coiled tubing described in a way that nonexperts can easily grasp.

Whether you are new to the industry or just looking to review the basics, this short article is a resource for understanding the fundamental concepts around coiled tubing in the E&P industry.

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