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Date: 11/28/2016

Latest generation PDC bits optimize drilling performance with unique design

New technology development—a cornerstone of Schlumberger—is at the heart of the company’s latest generation of three dimensional cutter bits. The AxeBlade ridged diamond element bit is redefining drilling performance with its unique design that cuts rocks in a new way.

Efficiency boost

Engineered for increased cutting efficiency, the AxeBlade bit combines shearing and crushing to reduce drilling costs in all types of formations for our customers by improving rate of penetration (ROP). 

The combined shearing and crushing capability of the AxeBlade bit cuts at least 22% deeper, removing more formation and providing a higher ROP than a conventional polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutter at the same weight-on-bit and revolutions per minute.

Setting new records

Since its launch in early 2016 the AxeBlade bit has been successful in a wide range of applications with over 170 runs around the world. In a vertical application, the bit has set a world record in ROP due to its increased cutting efficiency and superior frontal impact resistance. Another world record was achieved drilling the longest 6-in lateral section due to the bit's ability to maintain superior tool-face control while drilling.

A step change in drilling bit performance

A recent case study describes how the ROP improved using the AxeBlade bit technology. The AxeBlade bit drilled the section in one run at an ROP of 28 m/h which represents an improvement of 42% over the normalized ROP for the field and 18% over the existing field-best normalized ROP.

Another case study illustrates how the AxeBlade bit helped to improve ROP by 27% and reduce surface torque by 20% while drilling through interbedded formations of shale, sand and limestone above the Granite Wash formation. In total, the overall improved drilling performance saved the operator almost 15 hours of rig time.

Learn more about the AxeBlade bit and other innovative Schlumberger technologies in the library of industry articlescase studies and technical papers.

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Unit Petroleum Company Boosts ROP 27% in Intermediate Section Targeting the Granite Wash
The AxeBlade bit drilled the intermediate section at an ROP of nearly 96 ft/h, a 27% increase over the offset well, while generating 20% less surface torque. As a result, Unit Petroleum saved 14.75 hours of rig time.
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