Schlumberger Releases Slimhole Measurement-While-Drilling Service

DigiScope service transmits high-quality data for real-time decision-making in land, extended-reach and deepwater wells

AMSTERDAM, March 5, 2013—Schlumberger today introduced the DigiScope* slimhole measurement-while-drilling (MWD) service. The robust signal of the DigiScope slimhole MWD technology transmits high-quality data to surface for real-time reservoir description and geosteering in land, extended-reach and deepwater wells.

“The DigiScope service transmits real-time drilling optimization and formation evaluation data at high physical bit rates of up to 36 bps, minimizing rate of penetration restrictions in the deepest onshore and offshore wells,” said Steve Kaufmann, president, Drilling & Measurements, Schlumberger. “The powerful tool telemetry is six times faster than traditional MWD services as proven with more than 200,000 feet drilled in the most challenging formations across four continents in the last three years.”

This new high-speed telemetry service powers the complete suite of Schlumberger slimhole logging-while-drilling services in the same bottomhole assembly. Fully compatible with the Orion II* data compression platform, the DigiScope service applies a unique modulation algorithm to transmit high-quality data from the deepest wells for wellbore surveying, drilling optimization and advanced formation evaluation.

In Mexico, a customer needed to obtain critical real-time data from a high-angle development well in a depleted reservoir requiring low mud weight to minimize losses. The versatile range of the telemetry bandwidth, combined with the new modulation technique, was applied to MWD for the first time. This technology enabled the operator to acquire the best quality data with a high signal-to-noise ratio and safely guide drilling to total depth.

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DigiScope Slimhole MWD Service

DigiScope slimhole MWD service
DigiScope service simultaneously powers multiple LWD tools above and below—and transmits data at a physical bit rate of up to 36 bps. Download image

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