Doing More with Less

This is a continuing series about Schlumberger production technologies.  Articles in the series address technologies that economically optimize production of oil and gas over the life of the reservoir and improve reservoir recovery. 

Part 9
Optimizing production, improving recovery 

The ability of the oil and gas industry to continually lower finding and development costs has been remarkable. Much of this has resulted from investment in new technologies such as new-generation surface seismic techniques and rotary-steerable drilling systems ...

Part 8
Going deeper—subsea production systems and technologies

More than 200 new deepwater subsea fields will come online in the next 4 years, and by 2020 more than 11,000 subsea wells are expected to be in operation worldwide. As subsea developments continue to grow in importance, the ability to optimize production and improve recovery from these capital-intensive assets represents a key business opportunity...

Part 7
Extending production

An increasing trend in oilfield services is the move toward integrated contracts under which the service company manages deployment of the services needed to meet agreed long-term performance targets. For well construction, the target could be a certain number of wells drilled and completed within a period of time...

Part 6
Intervening to maintain production 

Without exception, all wells require intervention at some time during their life. Whether to diagnose a production problem or perform some form of remedial action, intervention services help optimize well production and improve reservoir recovery. Schlumberger offers a full range of tools and conveyance systems for production challenges. Each intervention option provides different advantages...

Part 5
Tracking and modeling production  

With artificial lift systems in nearly every well and the numbers of instrumented intelligent completion systems steadily increasing, well and reservoir data have never been more available or more accessible for tracking performance, signaling events, and pinpointing potential problems...

Part 4
Effectively assisting production  

The ability of a well to flow to surface depends on the reservoir pressure and the magnitude of the pressure losses that occur as the oil and gas enter from the reservoir and travel up the wellbore...

Part 3
Controlling flow intelligently  

Driven by this vision to transform oil production practices and enable a step increase in recovery rates, Schlumberger has been developing intelligent completion technologies since the late 1990s...

Part 2
Unlocking Reservoir Hydrocarbons Efficiently  

Applying production technologies begins with “unlocking” the hydrocarbons from the rock pores and facilitating their flow from the reservoir into the well ...

Part 1
Technology for Hydrocarbon Production and Recovery 

The quantity of oil or gas recovered from a reservoir depends on a wide variety of factors—both technical and economical...