Many Viewpoints, One Vision

This is a 7-part series about Schlumberger Reservoir Characterization Group, the leading provider of technology services and products for oil and gas exploration. By integrating technologies from geophysical services through well testing, the Reservoir Characterization Group unites the many disciplines needed to help achieve exploration success.

Reservoir Characterization is one of the three groups that form the company’s complete technology portfolio.

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Review Reservoir Production Group technology services and products.

Part 7
Trap, Reservoir, Charge, and Seal

No matter how sophisticated the model used or the level of detail of the data input, managing exploration risk essentially comes down to understanding four factors— trap, reservoir, charge, and seal...

Part 6
Incorporating Data from the Well

Seismic data shows us the large-scale architecture of a field. From that broad view, WesternGeco GeoSolutions extracts validated distributions of key petrophysical parameters through seismic data inversion, which yields critical information on reservoir continuity and formation parameters across the prospect...

Part 5
A Five-Step Process

The WesternGeco GeoSolutions exploration workflow is based on five steps—illumination, imaging, inversion, integration, and interpretation. The first two steps reside within WesternGeco; the others are shared with the Reservoir Characterization Group and within the customer organization...

Part 4
Integration Is Essential

With industry-leading technology and novel acquisition techniques, Schlumberger is at the forefront of seismic services. But our leadership is further differentiated ...

Part 3
Exploration Begins With Seismic

Establishing a clear picture of subsurface fairways and traps is the starting point of any successful exploration campaign. Building on a seismic science and technology platform that features proprietary WesternGeco Q* technology...

Part 2
Reservoir Characterization from exploration to appraisal 

Schlumberger is the leading provider of technology for oil and gas exploration through the services and products of the Reservoir Characterization Group, one of the three groups that form the company’s complete technology portfolio...

Part 1
The Need to Explore

Global demand for energy is expected to increase 40% by 2035, driven by growth in GDP and underpinned by an increasing world population...