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Canada Land has grown into a mature and diverse market. The Canadian market touches upon a number of various types of plays, from heavy oil to shale.

Because of this, Schlumberger's strategic positioning and technical offering is vital as it enables the application of a customized solution for our customers operating here.

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Schlumberger Canada Limited
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+ 1 403 509 4000

Indigenous relations

We are known as a company with global resources and local expertise, able to understand, respect, and work in the local culture of our customers. As such, we recognize that diversity and inclusion are not just the right thing to do—they are a business imperative.

Schlumberger empowers local teams to focus on the environmental and social priorities that are most impactful for local stakeholders. In Canada, we participate in Progressive Aboriginal Relations, a certification program that validates corporate performance in Aboriginal relations. Approximately 95% of all Schlumberger employees in Canada have completed indigenous awareness training.

Canada Land Case Studies & Resources

People, technologies, and services that deliver real value for operators in Canada.

Monoline Fracturing Fluid Delivery Technology Reduces Connections by 75%

Promotes system integrity and safety while reducing operating time and wellsite footprint.

Well Life Increased by a Projected 2 Years

Poseidon pump increases oil production and life of gassy well for Canadian operator.

Redesigned ESP Lowers Operational Costs for Canadian Operator

Power cost savings enables economical production.


Technologies to meet objectives, from pore to pipeline and in the toughest environments.



Accelerate AI adoption for the energy industry.


Cognitive E&P software environment

Unite planning and operations in a multidimensional environment.


Tuned production operations solution

Achieve your asset's true potential.


Edge AI and IoT solutions

Harness the power of edge computing and data analytics with our open, secure, and scalable platform.

Drill Bits

Rock destruction solutions for every drilling application

Meet the drilling challenges of any formation with the widest range of rock-destruction methods.

Directional Drilling Services

Reach and stay in the productive zone faster and more efficiently

Expert directional drilling services for high-quality wellbores that stay in the “sweet spot”—your optimal production zone.

Measurements While Drilling (MWD)

Surveying and telemetry technologies and services

Acquire formation evaluation and drilling optimization data during drilling operations.

Drilling Fluids, Well Cementing & Solids Control

The lifeblood of every well

Choose from a suite of solids control equipment and services as well as well cementing consumables, services, and equipment.

Cameron Pressure Control Equipment

Complete systems for maximum safety

Complete systems for containing wellbore pressure and diverting formation fluids and gases.


Time-saving snap ring wellhead system

Run the casing head through a diverter with a single-stage wellhead system.


Space-saving diverter wellhead system

Eliminate the need to install isolation bushings or dummy hangers when only the production string is run.


Dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology

Speed up multiwell pad rig-up with a flexible, erosion-resistant conduit that couples the frac manifold to the frac tree.

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