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Schlumberger East Asia

On location since 1935

Schlumberger has been operating in East Asia for more than 85 years. Our operations in the region began in 1935 in Malaysia, when Schlumberger engineers and equipment arrived from France to perform measurements on Sarawak oil wells.

Schlumberger provides services in the following East Asia countries:

  • Brunei
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam.

Our regional office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and we have operation bases and facilities across the region.

We have exceptional people from around the world working in East Asia to provide leading digital solutions and deploy ground-breaking technologies that enable sustainable performance for the energy industry. Schlumberger employees of more than 70 nationalities live and work in East Asia, demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion to stimulate creativity and innovation.

Contact Information

Schlumberger Malaysia East Asia Regional Office
Ground Floor, Wisma Rohas PureCircle
No. 9 Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Every session is now available to view on demand. Learn more about Schlumberger digital technologies, including locally developed solutions by East Asia community of digital innovators, under various themes related to your most pressing E&P challenges.

By closely collaborating with our customers and partners, we create industry-changing technologies and services that unlock cleaner, safer access to energy for every community—including those we live and work in.

East Asia Case Studies & Resources

Our people, technologies, and services deliver real value for operators in East Asia.


Shell Eliminates Need for Extra Cleanout Run in MPD Well, South China Sea

Rhino XC and Rhino XS2 reamers reduce rathole length by 83% and drill 12,000 ft in HPHT well.

Piranha Mill with Mud Motor Mills 9 5/8-in Casing from 363.11 m to 819 m Offshore Brunei

Using a string stabilizer above the drillpipe increases the amount of swarf to surface in deep water.

Rhino XC Underreams High-Inclination Well Below MWD Tool Placement

In one trip, reamer enlarges 1,039-m, 8 1/2-in section to 9 1/4-in.

Openhole Gravel Packing of Fishhook Wells with Zonal Isolation-Uphill Heel to Toe Packing

The mode of gravel transportation in openhole packing is determined by the deviation angle of the interval – typically a gravity assisted (bottom up) mode occurs for deviations less than 50 degrees and alpha-beta mode for deviations exceeding 60 degrees.

Fit-for-Purpose BHA Design for Drilling Complex Wells Offshore Brunei Leads to New Industry Benchmark

Some of the oil fields offshore Brunei are characterized by complex reservoir geology. This requires the drilling of highcomplexity, tortuous 3D horizontal wells referred to as "snake wells" for optimal reservoir drainage.


PTTEP Obtains Continuous, Real-Time Test Data in HPHT Well

High-quality data enables quick interpretation, resolves testing challenges, and saves 8-h rig time.

World Longest Single-Trip Multizone Cased Hole Gravel Packing with Alternate Path Shunt Tubes

This paper would serve as a key case study which highlights completion technologies that can be adapted to improve operational efficiency while meeting production objectives.

PETRONAS Carigali Eliminates Survey Time, Improves Drilling Efficiency, and Reduces Stuck Pipe Risks Offshore Malaysia

TruLink services delivers real-time BHA location data and borehole conditions, improving directional drilling decisions and averting washouts

Advanced Logging and Analysis Identified Thick Oil Zone Undetected by Basic LWD Measurements

Operator pinpoints best sampling depth in complex reservoir with real-time fluid logging and analysis service.

Real-Time Fluid Logging and Analysis Service Reveals Unexpected Oil Layer, Offshore Malaysia

Advanced fluid typing optimizes sampling program with detection of possible zones of interest.

TuffTRAC iX Tractor Conveys Pulsar Spectroscopy Service over 9,500 m to Log Deviated 3 1/2-in Tubing, Malaysia

Log in the challenging conditions of a complex completion profile in a well deviated 79°.

Murphy Executes Deepwater Intervention Campaign in 7 Weeks

Integrated, single-contract solution removes sand and scale offshore Sabah, Malaysia.

Petronas Gas Plant Reduces Costs with Dual-Core Acid Gas Removal Membranes

High-quality separation despite variable high-CO2 concentration and gas flow rate.

OptiPac Openhole Screens Enable 100% Gravel Packs and Sand-Free Production in 27 Deepwater Wells

Integrated approach optimizes operations and prevents premature screenouts in long horizontal sections with reactive shale and depleted zones, offshore Malaysia.

seismicVISION Seismic-While-Drilling Service Optimizes Casing Points and Lowers Costs, Offshore Malaysia

Seismic-while-drilling service successfully performs LWD acquisition in high-pressure ramp environment with zero NPT while eliminating casing section.

SpectraSphere Fluid Mapping-While-Drilling Service Saves Hess 3 Days Offshore Malaysia

Hess Corporation reduces risk and optimizes logging program by analyzing fluid, gas, and pressure data in highly deviated wellbore.


DURAFLO Screens Last 3.5x Longer Compared with Conventional Screens Offshore Myanmar

Side-by-side testing on BRANDT VSM 300 shaker confirms lower screen consumption and longer screen life.

G-SEAL PLUS Agent Helps Cut Drilling Fluid Costs and Reduce Hole Cleaning Time Offshore Myanmar

Wellbore stabilizing agent helps decrease rig time, prevent fluid invasion, and improve wellbore stability in appraisal and development wells.

TuffTRAC Tractor Conveys ReSOLVE Service's Setting Tool Across Tubing Gap to Install Plug, Myanmar

Tubing gap and restrictions successfully negotiated for the nonexplosive setting tool to install plug with real-time confirmation.

Operator Maximizes Gas Production, Saves 6 Hours per Well with XHP-BB Big-Bore Premium Production Packer

V0-qualified, hydrostatically set big-bore production packer ideally suited for high-rate gas and faster, interventionless installation in offshore wells.


REDA Maximus Eon Motor Saves 17 kWh, USD 15,000 per Year Over Previous Generation

Laboratory testing confirms power and cost savings across horsepower ratings for the efficient ESP motor.


PTTEP Thailand Reduces Rig-Crew Footprint to Overcome Pandemic Challenges While Maintaining Improved ROP

Performance Live service helps improve COVID-related prevention measures by decreasing the exposure for rig personnel while maintaining exceptional performance through improved ROP.

Rolling Diamond Cutting Element Saves 2.6 Days and USD 123,000

EnduroBlade 360 bit drills long interval with high ROP through hard, abrasive formation, onshore Thailand.

Hyperbolic Bit Enhances ROP by 17% While Maintaining Complex Well Trajectory

Durable HyperBlade bit easily manages interbedded hard sandstone stringers and maintains steerability, Gulf of Thailand.

PTTEP Gas Lift Straddle Conversion Restores Oil Production

Rigless three-run slickline operation achieves production and economic goals, Gulf of Thailand.

ONE-TROL Additive Saves 17.5 Hours of Rig Time in HPHT Logging Operation, Gulf of Thailand

Filtration control additive eliminates mud conditioning trips between logging runs.

Implementation of an Engineered, Fiber-Based Spacer Solution for Improved Mud Removal

Laminar spacer fluid formulation using surfactant/solvents based on engineered-chemistry approach improves cementing placement results, Gulf of Thailand.

PTTEP Eliminates BHA Trip and Gyro Run, Saving 12 Rig Hours in 204-degC Well Offshore Thailand

TeleScope ICE ultraHT MWD service reduces operational cost by USD 167,000.

Managed Pressure Drilling Service Cuts Drilling Costs 50% in Challenging Ultrahigh-Temperature Wells

@balance services mitigates NPT, saves 20 days and USD 5 million in Gulf of Thailand.

Technical Domain Support and ResFlow ICDs Increase Production 16% in the Gulf of Thailand

Water breakthrough delayed by 50 days and sweep efficiency improved.

Efficient Drilling of Ultra-HPHT Wells in the Gulf of Thailand

Development of gas fields in the Gulf of Thailand requires drilling and producing from reservoirs that are at static temperatures above 400 °F. Safe and economic production from these Ultra-HPHT fields is crucial to deliver on gas contracts that support the region’s economic activity.


Vietgazprom Reduces Tripping and On-Slip Time with OptiWell Well Construction Performance Service, Vietnam

Service improves drilling efficiency in deepwater exploration wells, Nam Con Son basin.

Vietgazprom Reduces Severe Mud Loss by 50% in Exploration Well Using OptiWell Service

Well construction performance service helps deliver an effective LCM strategy for loss mitigation, Nam Con Son basin.

Flare Redesign Enables Continuously Flowing High CO2 Concentrations in Heavy Oil Well Offshore Vietnam

Optimized injection and flowback operation achieved reliable measurements without burner interruption or spillage.

Precise Placement of Lateral Maximizes Reservoir Exposure and Production Rates

Distance-to-boundary data from PeriScope service guides geosteering to develop new oil prospects for Cuu Long Joint Operating Company.

Resistivity-at-the-Bit Measurements Guide Geostopping 0.2-m TVD Below Top of Reservoir

geoVISION service helps CLJOC with precise well placement and eliminates pilot hole, reducing well costs offshore Vietnam.

Seismic Reservoir Reevaluation Helps Vietgazprom Identify Seven New Prospects Offshore Vietnam

Multidisciplinary petrotechnical experts reinterpret available data to advance gas-condensate reservoir operations.

Reservoir Characterization for Fracture Distribution Prediction and New Well Target Identification

Interpreting borehole images, identifying open fractures, computing fracture aperture, and generating a DFN.

The Natural Fracture Evaluation in the Unconventional Tight Oligocene Reservoirs - Case Studies from CuuLong Basin, Southern Offshore Vietnam

The Oligocene Formation in CuuLong Basin, Southern offshore Vietnam, is predominantly fluvial-lacustrine sand and shale sequences deposited above the pre-Tertiary granite basement. The reservoir sands are usually tight with average porosity about 10%, and variable but mostly low permeability.

GLYDRIL-IDCAP D System Successfully Drills Reservoir, Offshore Vietnam

Wells in the Rang Dong Field have produced a significant amount of sand during the last few years from a reservoir of interbedded sandsilt-shale.

Troublesome Formation Offshore Vietnam is No Match for ULTRADRIL Mud System

A joint operating company was looking for a high-performance water-base mud system to replace the silicate mud that has been used for a few wells.

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