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Digital Platform Partner spotlight: Resoptima

Successful decisions with science-based modeling.

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Delivering actionable reservoir intelligence

Headquartered in Oslo with offices around the world, Resoptima is an independent technology company committed to dramatically improving the economic and operational performance of subsurface assets through robust software solutions and services.

In 2013, the company launched ResX, the industry’s first commercially available reservoir management software grounded in ensemble-based methods.

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Vastly simplifying ensemble workflows

Ensemble-based modeling is employed by many oil and gas producers to improve predictive accuracy. But historically, their approach has been a hybrid of old, single model workflows that have delivered poor results and unrealistic workloads. Resoptima takes a completely new approach to ensemble modeling that combines automation and science-based statistical methods to deliver better results in a fraction of the time.

Firmly embracing uncertainty

ResX is unique in assimilating and propagating all of the uncertainties related to the subsurface and the production history across the entire workflow. This results in a uniquely honest and informative description of the real issues that will affect the reservoir’s performance. By anticipating what can seem at times irrelevant or improbable events, operators can better plan their activity ahead of time. Plus, they can make decisions based on statistical probabilities, with less influence associated with the specific biases of the teams building the models. And because all the data uncertainties are accounted for, the models deliver a better understanding of the risk and opportunities associated with the prospect.

“Our collaboration with Schlumberger has already delivered three successful projects at different locations, involving the deployment of our technologies within DELFI. In each case significant value was created for the clients, underscoring the success of our partnership and motivating all parties to further develop our cooperation.” — Atila Mellilo, CEO

Bringing value to new markets

With any innovation, the customer acceptance curve can be long, but as a Schlumberger Digital Platform Partner, Resoptima is proud to introduce ResX to a whole new customer base that can use the latest in ensemble-based modeling to fully understand the risks that may challenge the economic viability of their operations.

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