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Drilling Interpretation

Drilling monitoring and analysis for remote decision support

 DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

Delfi Drilling Interpretation provides real-time drilling monitoring and analysis workflows, enabling you to increase operational efficiency and performance, define KPIs, and conduct advanced monitoring.

  • Analysis of all drilling related data from vertical, deviated, and horizontal wellbores
  • Hole condition monitoring
  • Drilling efficiency monitoring
  • Prevents drilling problems by recognizing potential hazards ahead of time
  • Improves the efficiency of drilling operations
  • Establishes drilling KPI benchmarks
  • Increases operational performance
  • Enhances integration and knowledge application

Collaborative drilling analysis

Through a multiuser, cross-domain environment, Delfi Drilling Interpretation promotes collaboration between team members. Unlike conventional drilling software, which focuses on just a single well, Delfi Drilling Interpretation supports multiple wells. This enables you to leverage data and lessons learned from offset wells to improve drilling efficiency and identify potential hazards.

Improve performance and mitigate risk

The end-to-end Hole Condition Monitoring workflow within Delfi Drilling Interpretation integrates traditional drilling mechanics analysis methods with real-time torque and drag modelling, hydraulics engines, and all your relevant wellbore data in a common workspace. This allows you to fully understand your wellbore conditions and downhole dynamics, and take preventative actions to mitigation risk and improve drilling performance.

Make cost-saving decisions

The unique Drilling Efficiency workflow allows you to analyze drilling events to determine the performance of the bit without formation effects and calculate the associated wear. This allows you to calculate the amount of time it will take to complete a section with the current bit performance, and whether it is more economical to POOH and change the drilling BHA.

With this workflow, you can make the most efficient cost-saving decisions in real time, based on the best science available.

Analyze drilling performance

The Delfi Drilling Interpretation rig state and drilling engine automatically calculates the specific rig operations from a range of input parameters. This allows you to benchmark the operational performance of the rig and set KPIs in real time, to monitor and improve operational efficiencies.

Multiwell, cross-domain environment

The multiwell database within Delfi Drilling Interpretation enables a collaborative cross-domain environment for drilling analysis in real time. This enables you to optimize your post-job, offset well, and root cause analysis to implement lessons learned for future field-development improvements. Standard reporting is available to effortlessly capture the daily performance and historical benchmarks and learning.