Advanced Motor Protectors for REDA Hotline High-Temperature ESP systems | SLB

Advanced Motor Protectors

Designed for REDA Hotline high-temperature ESP systems

REDA Hotline advanced motor protector.
OD of 5.130 in [130.30 mm]
Max. bottomhole temperature rating of 425 degF [218 degC]
Housing material of carbon steel or Redalloy premium alloy
Shaft diameter of 1.87 in [30.15 mm]

Extend ESP run life in severe applications

Advanced motor protectors for REDA Hotline high-temperature electric submersible pump (ESP) systems are designed to operate reliably in extreme-temperature, highly abrasive, and corrosive environments common to thermal recovery, heavy oil production systems, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage, and other steamflooding applications.

Their design features INCONEL metal bellows that replace the traditional high-temperature elastomeric bag, extending the temperature operating limit. In gassy wells, the metal bellows prevent gas from migrating and displacing the motor oil. The motor protectors are resistant to H2S and CO2 and are impermeable to gas, making them more suitable in wells that are highly corrosive or gassy and in other harsh environments.

REDA Hotline Advanced Motor Protector