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REDA Continuum

Extended-life ESP pump

REDA Continuum Unconventional
Target production rate: 50 to 7,000 bbl/d at 60 Hz [6 to 1,120 m3/d at 50 Hz]
Casing diameter: 5.5 in or larger
Abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide radial bearing configuration

Increase production in unconventional and challenging environments

Eliminate stress on the pump during slugging and gas production as flow declines with the REDA Continuum extended-life ESP pump; its compression design properly distributes the increased downthrust, enabling operation outside the flow range. Its optimized geometry, architecture, and material selection enable the ESP pump to operate with high efficiency through a wide operating range—from 50 to 7,000 bbl/d—improving recovery and reliability at low rates and in transient flow.

With higher initial production and faster drawdown than with natural flow, the REDA Continuum ESP pump is suitable for gassy and abrasive environments, reservoirs with uncertain productivity, wells with steep production decline, and unconventional resources.

Bar graph shows over 400% improvement in ESP run life with the SLB integrated lift solution.

Engineered ESP completion increases pump run life >400%

Permian Basin operator also improves well uptime from 85% to 96% in a gassy unconventional well with extremely unstable inflow.

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REDA Continuum
Extended-life ESP pump
Flow capacity chart of multiple ESP pumps
Pump curves for the Continuum ESP pump family showing efficient operations across a wide production range from 50 to more than 7,000 bbl/d at 70 Hz with fluid sg=1.

Optimize flow with real-time monitoring, a plug-and-play design, and solids production

With real-time monitoring and an advanced design, the REDA Continuum ESP pump eliminates the need for costly replacements due to production changes, reduces overall operating expenses, and optimizes uptime.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring enables early detection of pump events and downhole conditions. With proactive management, you can prevent downtime and further reduce well intervention costs.

Plug-and-play design

ESPs using REDA Continuum ESP pumps arrive at the wellsite ready for installation, which reduces rig time and eliminates the risk of human error.

Durable technology

The REDA Continuum ESP pump uses a harder material on the impeller hub to combat the effects of erosion and temperature increases on the pump caused by solids production.

REDA Continuum