KI-1500 KUDU Internal Hydrodynamic Brake Drivehead | SLB


KUDU internal hydrodynamic brake drivehead for progressing cavity pumps (PCPs)

KI-1500 KUDU internal hydrodynamic brake drivehead.
Operates at up to 600 rpm
Supports ambient operating range of –40 to 55 degC [–40 to 131 degF]
Manages rod string loads up to 13.7 t [30,200 lbm]
Handles up to 100 hp [75 kW]

Control backspin with a self-contained, automatic hydrodynamic brake

The KI-1500 contains no wearing parts and reduces noise below 70 dB. A self-contained, automatic hydrodynamic brake controls backspin. No mechanical friction occurs in the braking unit. The result is less wear on your rods and PCP, less need for maintenance, and extended system lifetime.

The system operates by either a basic control panel or multifunction KUDU Pump Manager well optimization unit. The control panel can be outfitted to display the input current from an independent ampere meter and the speed by revolution meter.

The KI-1500 is available with low- and high-capacity thrust bearings and IEC or National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) baseplates. The system uses a standard stuffing box and is KUDU Oryx rotary seal capable with the ability to handle up to a 31.5-in driven sheave cable.

KUDU internal hydrodynamic brake drivehead
KI-1500 drivehead with hydrodynamic brake.