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KUDU Power Unit

Electric and hydraulic power source for PCPs

Temperature range: –40 to 113 degF [–40 to 45 degC]
Engine power options: 56–155 hp
Electrical power options: 33–115 kW

Deliver reliable electric or hydraulic power to PCPs

Enable individual or multiple well production with KUDU power units that are electrically or hydraulically powered and include open skid and walk-in enclosures. The units can be specified to use diesel, propane, or natural gas to generate electricity or to provide hydraulic fluid power for progressing cavity pumps (PCPs). With improved fluid containment, KUDU power units protect against environmental spillage.

Additional options for sound attenuation, fuel delivery, engine displacement, genset configuration, tandem pump configuration, and a heat trace system are available.

Improve reliability with an enclosed unit

Eliminate overheating and costly shutdowns with the unique airflow design of the enclosed unit that circulates clean, filtered air. The computerized climate control system monitors the enclosure to maintain an optimal temperature range, which works particularly well in severely cold environments.

The enclosed design eliminates the environmental effects of snow and dirt that can wear out a power unit, which improves  reliability and delivers longer life. The efficient layout provides room to work inside, and additional components such as a gas scrubber or variable frequency drive (VFD) can be added.

KUDU Power Unit
KUDU power unit in Sedgewick, Saskatchewan, Canada.