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Permanent Magnet Motor Surface Drive System

Maximize safety and energy efficiency of progressing cavity pumps (PCPs)

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Temperature range: –40 to 55 degC [–40 to 131 degF]

Simplify maintenance and save energy

The permanent magnet motor (PMM) drive system enhances safety and simplifies maintenance by minimizing the number of exposed parts and eliminating belts, pulleys and gears, which also reduces mechanical energy transfer loss. The PMM technology delivers up to 96% efficiency—a significant improvement as compared with traditional induction motors that deliver only 85% efficiency.

Combine four components for maximum performance

The system comprises a direct-drive PMM that provides the driving force for a PCP; a control system that enables starting, stopping, and full forward and backward management of the motor; a clamp to transmit the power from the motor shaft to the polished rod, sucker rod, and rotor of the PCP; and a braking resistor cabinet that dissipates the kinetic backspin energy as heat.

The system is operated by either basic control panel or multifunction KUDU Pump Manager well optimization unit. The control panel can be outfitted to display the input current from an independent ampere meter and the speed by revolution meter.

Eliminate power spikes to protect PCP components

The system delivers power factor up to 0.94 to eliminate power spikes on startup. It further helps improve operations safety with backspin braking protections, which enable safer stops and starts in midbackspin to restart production more rapidly.

The system also extends the service life of sucker rods and polished rods by enabling soft starts and soft stops that reduce mechanical shock.

Permanent Magnet Motor Drive System