Electric dry-mate connector

Digital rendering of the EDMC-S connector with triple metal-to-metal ring seals.
Rated to 20,000 psi [137 MPa]
Rated to 302 degF [150 degC]
Completes connections 4× faster compared with conventional splices

Accelerate installation of downhole cables with robust, permanent electrical connections

The EDMC-S electric dry-mate connector facilitates rapid installation of completions with downhole cables and gauges while maximizing connection quality and lifetime in downhole conditions.

The connector typically improves splicing and cable head connection time by a factor of four while creating a robust triple metal-to-metal seal with three retainer rings. Because the cable armor is not swaged, the permanent downhole cable (PDC) retains its full integrity.

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Maximize downhole monitoring system reliability

To create virtually perfect nonswaged connections, the EDMC-S connector uses shape memory alloy (SMA) rings, which are deformed at ambient temperature but transform to their original shape when heated. The connection process has no moving parts to make up or torque.

Designed for both cable-to-cable splices and cable-to-gauge connections, this premium connector maximizes downhole monitoring system reliability with pressure-testable triple metal-to-metal seals; retainer rings to absorb downhole cable vibrations, shocks, compression, or tension; and an internal cable-to-cable connection to an internal bulkhead pin.

PDC preparation tools simplify makeup at wellsite, and the installation kit is ATEX certified and easy to use on the rig floor.