Subsea interface cards for downhole monitoring

Downhole permanent gauges.

Improve data quality and access for downhole gauges in subsea wells

ESLIC subsea interface cards provide communication and power for WellWatcher permanent monitoring system gauges. The cards can power up to four gauges on the same cable. They send both raw data and ready-to-use pressure and temperature engineering values to the surface, improving data quality and security with a simplified software interface and time-stamping features.

Choose the version that suits your control systems 

To meet the interface requirements of various industry-leading subsea control module or pod vendors, ESLIC cards come in four versions: ESLIC-101, ESLIC-110, ESLIC-120, and ESLIC-220. The ESLIC-220 version isolates the power supply from the telemetry device on two circuit boards.

The small size and standard format of the cards allow easy integration with many third-party subsea control modules and allow for different physical interface requirements. The use of similar components and firmware for the different versions permits different card versions to be quickly adapted to meet project-driven changes and evolution in pod design.

ESLIC Subsea Interface Card