WellWatcher Connect

Wellsite data transmission system

Downhole permanent gauges.

Store, aggregate, encrypt, and transmit surface and downhole data from the wellsite in real time 

The WellWatcher Connect system enables remote well monitoring by storing, aggregating, encrypting, and transmitting surface and downhole data—such as pressure, temperature, flow rate—from the wellsite to any location of choice. It also enables commands to be sent to the wellsite (e.g., to start or stop a pump, open or close a valve, or change sampling rates on monitored devices). Designed to operate in remote environments, the compact wellsite unit has a ruggedized housing with a small footprint. It can be powered by an array of batteries continuously charged by solar panels, making it self-sufficient in terms of power supply if required.

The fully configurable wellsite unit, which can be installed and commissioned without any interruption to rig operations, interfaces with standard Schlumberger and third-party wellsite acquisition and control units. It also interfaces with a Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) modem, a Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) connection, or an existing SCADA system, providing bidirectional communication with an office node located at your office or at a Schlumberger facility.

WellWatcher Connect wellsite data transmission system
WellWatcher Connect wellsite data transmission system

Secure your data transmissions for private interpretation, analysis, and control

Use of a dedicated secure network separates traffic from the global Internet and sends it directly to or from the office node. Multiple wellsites equipped with WellWatcher Connect system wellsite units can be connected to one office node, from where data can be distributed within the office environment using a Windows desktop application. The office node is a plug-and-play device, simplifying data retrieval for visualization and analysis. The WellWatcher Connect system provides the missing link between data acquisition and interpretation, saving time and money.

Remotely troubleshoot and upgrade your system

The system stores a log of user-specified alarms and events, providing full traceability for any equipment changes. The wellsite unit transmits downhole production data from the devices connected to it at customizable sampling rates. Diagnostic information is also transmitted, enabling monitoring of system health 24/7. Troubleshooting and system updates can all be done remotely, minimizing trips to the wellsite.