Metris Evolve

Permanent PT gauge

Well Watcher eQuartz
Rated up to 16,000 psi [110 MPa]
Rated up to 302 degF [150 degC]

Enabling real-time evaluation and prompt corrective actions for enhanced well production

Metris Evolve permanent PT gauges provide high-quality measurements in the tubing or annulus. The telemetry used by the gauge and surface acquisition unit is immune to external electrical noise and electromagnetic field interference (e.g., from ESP power cables or motor drives). Among other advantages, it enables multidropping up to sixteen dual-sensor gauges (i.e., 32 sensors) on a single monoconductor cable and eliminates limitations on the distance between gauges.

These permanent gauges are engineered to deliver stable pressure and temperature measurements, which are essential in long-term reservoir and production monitoring applications. Rigorous testing ensures that gauge qualifications meet or exceed the Advanced Well Equipment Standards (AWES) recommended practice for the qualification of downhole instrumentation and sensors.

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Metris Evolve gauges are available in different configurations (e.g., single- or dual-sensor gauges with or without feedthrough connector) to suit any completion design.

When used in conjunction with WellWatcher Advisor real-time intelligent completion software, the gauge becomes part of a monitoring solution that includes downhole surveillance, data analysis, and reservoir interpretation.

Applications include long-term production and reservoir monitoring in real time, production analysis and optimization, measurement of downhole fluid density and flow rate, artificial lift performance enhancement, injection monitoring and optimization, pressure buildup surveys, transient well testing, and hydraulic fracture monitoring.