High-performance drilling motor

Sensitive quality control equipment constantly monitors the characteristics of drilling motor rotors as they are fabricated

DynaForce high-performance drilling motors provide the highest torque at bit with improved reliability in performance drilling applications. Engineered with proprietary technology to increase operating windows, DynaForce motors outperform conventional motors in high-volume drilling, high-dogleg well profiles, and harsh environments. In addition to conventional motor applications, DynaForce motors can be paired with PowerDrive vorteX powered rotary steerable systems for increased power output and drilling.

Increase torque output in high-volume drilling

Engineering advances central to DynaForce motors increase torque output for higher ROP and better overall performance. Superior torque transmission is made possible using double-shoulder, triple-start internal connections; enlarged motor-shaft connections; and innovative high-torque transmission technology on driveshaft joints.

Performance for extreme dogleg severities

The DynaForce Flex shale drilling motor provides an efficient option for drilling high-dogleg applications. 

The motor’s short bit-to-bend is designed to:

  • Drill the vertical, curve, and lateral in a single run
  • Eliminate planned trips
  • Deliver increased ROP and reduce drilling time.

There are a variety of power section configurations and elastomers to combine with both the DynaForce and DynaForce Flex motors.

A manufacturing technician examines the completed elastomer of a TorqForce ruggedized steerable motor
A simplified and shortened side-view illustration of a BHA incorporating a TorqForce motor and PDC bit
Chart showing a higher max torque compared to conventional lower end motors
Chart showing a higher max torque compared to conventional lower end motors

Withstands the heat at higher ROP

While conventional power sections are commonly used for standard drilling environments, high-temperature and high-torque applications require a more robust solution. The DynaForce DTX thin-wall motor optimizes drilling performance for higher ROP in harsh drilling environments with increased WOB, more reliability in high-torque applications, and hotter operational temperatures.

High-performance elastomers and power sections

Elastomers are the most common point of failure for positive displacement motors, resulting in over 50% of all unplanned trips. All DynaForce high-performance drilling motor power sections are compatible with DynaPower motor elastomers.  Schlumberger remains committed to providing robust, high-performance solutions for downhole environments, including a wide range of fit-for-purpose elastomers and unique motor elements that reduce drilling time, extend tool life, and eliminate unplanned trips. These include

  • DynaForce Flex shale drilling motor
  • DynaForce DTX thin-wall motor
  • DynaPower HR high-torque motor elastomer
  • DynaPower XR extreme-wear-resistant motor elastomer
  • DynaPower XP extreme-power motor elastomer
  • i-Power integrated motor-bit modeling service
High-performance drilling motors

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