Rhino XC

On-demand hydraulically actuated reamer

Illustration of the Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer downhole.

Fast activation and reliable borehole enlargement

The Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer provides unlimited cutter block activation via fast, effective flow actuation, giving you complete control of reamer performance from the surface. The reamer can be placed anywhere in the drillstring for increased operational flexibility.

Quality in-gauge boreholes for a range of applications

The Rhino XC reamer is suitable for a variety of formations where simultaneous drilling and hole-enlargement reliability are essential. The reamer’s single-piece, balanced design increases torque and load-carrying capacity while reducing drilling-generated vibrations, producing in-gauge wellbores for improved casing running and cementing clearance.

Unlimited reaming activation with advanced mode control

Operating via flow actuation, the reamer enables unlimited activation of the cutter blocks from surface and activates in 1–3 minutes. Additionally, the reaming mode can be changed in minutes to effectively enlarge boreholes regardless of the well’s inclination angle.

Increased borehole cleaning to reduce sticking

The Rhino XC reamer’s large bore handles high flow rates to optimize distribution between the bit and cutter blocks to efficiently evacuate cuttings and reduce sticking. This high-fluid capability also accommodates the fluid requirements of rotary steerable systems and directional assemblies.

Schlumberger working kneeling down next to Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer on rigsite.
Cutter blocks.

Cutter Blocks: 3D Innovations for the Best Performance

From the AxeBlock torque-reducing ridged diamond element cutter block to stabilizer blocks, our industry-leading family of cutter blocks combine the best cutters with a dynamically stable design for the best performance in a variety of formations—all in a variety of BHA configurations.

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Close up of the Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer with: A) Cutter blocks B) Flow nozzles ensure cutter block cleaning. and C) Cam actuation system.
Rhino XC
On-demand actuated reamer