Rhino XM

On-demand multiactivated reamer

Render of the RhinoXM tool in a rock formation.
Reliable On-Demand Multiactivated Reamer Control
How Rhino XM reamer provides complete control of reamer activation that eliminates pumpdown device activation.

Complete control

More reliable than third-party reamers, the Rhino XM on-demand multiactivated reamer features an indexing system with protective oil-filled chamber and functional design redundancy.

Rhino XM reamer provides complete control of reamer activation, eliminating pumpdown device activation. This enables placing the Rhino XM reamer below ID-restricted BHA components, such as MWD and LWD tools. Additionally, the reamer’s flow actuation changes the reaming mode in minutes, reducing reamer activation time and enabling an unlimited number of activation cycles during a run.

  • Incorporates innovative rotating cam stop to provide movement redundancy and reduce rotating seals 
  • Minimizes the translational and rotational force needed to move the cam
  • Prevents sticking by enclosing hydraulic oil and sealing the actuation system from the annular, through-bore flow 
  • Provides clean and lubricated environment free of mud, reducing sticking and static friction
  • Integrates (optional) one-shot lockout shear mechanism that locks Rhino XM reamer in closed position until actuation is desired
Render of the RhinoXM tool in a rock formation

Complete and reliable control of reamer activation and deactivation