High-performance water-based drilling fluid system

UltraDrill lubricating drill bit as it carves through rock

Ultrainhibitive, water-based drilling fluid for reactive shales—onshore and offshore

The ULTRADRIL water-based drilling fluid system has a proven industry track record as the standard in high-performance, ultrainhibitive water-based drilling fluids for environmentally sensitive areas on and offshore including highly reactive shales. A deepwater alternative, the ULTRADRIL system optimizes inhibition and helps reduce costs and expedite drilling.

Performance on par with nonaqueous drilling fluids

The ULTRADRIL system has an inhibitive capability closely matching that of nonaqueous drilling fluids. Its triple-inhibition approach deters the most reactive shales and provides superb wellbore stability, preventing sloughing and swelling that can cause stuck pipe and washouts. The system encapsulates cuttings with a thin polymer coating that virtually eliminates shale dispersion, reducing the need for dilution and disposal of large fluid volumes. The ULTRADRIL system also coats the bit, BHA, and drillpipe with an accretion-inhibitive coating that keeps the cutting structure clean and effective, resulting in less bit balling and higher ROP.

High stability in highly reactive shales

The ULTRADRIL system has successfully drilled long sections of highly reactive gumbo shales and graded out very high in stability, inhibition, screenability, and maintenance. The system’s low moisture content results in drier, firmer drilled cuttings. In sections typically drilled with CaCl2 or 20% NaCl/PHPA water-based fluids, the ULTRADRIL system has eliminated shaker screen binding, rapid encapsulator depletion, and excessively high dilution rates.