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Low-Rate Extender

Maintain high-accuracy metering for the life of your well

Vx Spectra Surface Multiphase Flowmeter
Vx Spectra Flowmeter: Low-Rate Extender Kit
Maintain high-accuracy metering for the life of the well

Maintain flow rate accuracy for the life of your well

The need for continuous, accurate metering for the life of the well is critical, even when wells have reached significant production decline. The low-rate extender kit is a lightweight, compact, and cost-efficient solution that expands the operating envelope of the Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter (MPFM) to maintain high-accuracy metering in depleting wells.

Low-rate extender kit

Retrofit a new or existing 29-mm Vx Spectra surface MPFM to ensure high metrological performance.

Minimize capex and nonproductive time—no need to downsize your flowmeter

MPFMs are sized for specific flow rate ranges before installation. Over time, the differential pressure across the venturi section may become so low that flow rate accuracy can decline. And the standard turndown ratio of MPFMs traditionally requires replacing the meters with a smaller size after production decline. The efficient low-rate extender kit increases the turndown ratio of the Vx Spectra flowmeter to extend its operational capacity while eliminating the need to downsize an existing flowmeter, minimizing capex and nonproductive time.

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The low-rate extender kit reduces the cross-sectional area at the Vx Spectra flowmeter venturi throat, thus increasing the measured differential pressure for low flow rates and maintaining measurement accuracy for the life of the well via a special validated multiphase flow model.