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Engagement 2 survey

Newly acquired ultralong-offset OBN data offers insight into challenging subsalt areas in US Gulf of Mexico

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Illuminate the subsurface in deepwater US Gulf of Mexico

WesternGeco, in partnership with TGS, have completed the acquisition of a new 4,000-km2 ultralong-offset ocean bottom node (OBN) project in the US Gulf of Mexico. WesternGeco is now processing the new and underlying data, with model building to include enhanced template-matching full-waveform inversion (ETM FWI). This new project extends the footprint of ultralong-offset data into the south of Green Canyon and is complementary to the successful Engagement 1 program acquired in 2020.

Engagement 2 Survey

WesternGeco’s processing team has utilized an ETM FWI workflow to deliver enhanced subsalt images. Final products are now available.

Engagement 2 survey legacy streamer data Engagement 2 survey OBN intermediate image

Optimize well design, placement, and near-field exploration opportunities

The Engagement 2 ultralong-offset sparse OBN survey covers one of the most prolific portions of the subsalt Miocene play, including the Caesar-Tonga, Tahiti, and Stampede discoveries. Improved imaging due to ETM FWI updates to the velocity model will enable more effective well design and placement during field development activities, as well as aid in the identification and evaluation of potential near-field exploration opportunities.

Multiple untested structures at Pliocene, Miocene, and Wilcox levels in the western part of the survey, along with numerous unleased blocks, highlight the remaining exploration potential of this part of Green Canyon. Improved definition of complex salt bodies and refinement of the deep velocity structure through ETM FWI updates in this area are crucial for maturing and derisking these remaining opportunities.