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Ukraine Black Sea

Increased resolution and improved imaging

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This 14,761-km multiclient seismic survey from the Black Sea includes 12,479 km of reprocessed 2D data, offering increased resolution and improved imaging.

Key highlights

Data have been reprocessed in association with the Ukraine State Geological Survey using a modern comprehensive sequence. The general strategy of processing was aimed at improving the multiple elimination, event definition, and continuity while bringing out the structural complexity of the dataset. To bring about these aims, processing techniques included

  • intensive demultiple processing with 2D surface-related multiple elimination and weighted least-squares radon demultiple
  • full Kirchhoff prestack time migration
  • spatially continuous velocity analysis (SCVA) to generate stacking profiles at a very dense spacing
  • relative amplitude processing with AVO products
  • inversion-ready prestack data
  • deliverables in data package in Petrel E&P software platform, including seismic surveys, reprocessed seismic, seismic interpretation, and seismic velocities.

A Petrel platform–ready package over the blocks to be offered in the upcoming licensing round is available. The package includes the vintage and reprocessed 2D seismic data, interpretation, and mapping over the study area.

Ukraine Black Sea 2D seismic survey map.
A 14,761-km survey from offshore Ukraine including 12,479 km of data reprocessed in association with the Ukraine State Geological Survey is available now. Reprocessed lines are in red.