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Digital slickline services

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Control and monitor downhole operations with certainty

LIVE digital slickline services enable performing a wider range of slickline activities with control and certainty.

The integral coating of the cable enables two-way digital communication during deployment using a standard slickline unit and pressure control equipment. Sensors in the downhole digital cartridge measure cable tension, detect shock and well deviation, and monitor internal temperature.

The depth correlation capabilities of LIVE services confirm that operations are on depth and provide the exact position of the downhole tool at all times. With continuous depth correlation, your operations can be adapted in real time and the success of the job can be confirmed before pulling out of the hole.

Control and monitor downhole operations with certainty.
LIVE Services: Proactive Intervention
Improve efficiency in well intervention operations to reduce risk, maximize production, and increase cash flow.

LIVE Services

Real-time downhole measurements that improve reservoir performance.

  • Live Act service illustration.
    LIVE Act
    Digital slickline mechanical services

    Enhance the quality and safety of mechanical operations with accurate depth measurement and downhole monitoring. View

  • Live Perf service illustration.
    LIVE Perf
    Digital slickline perforating services

    Perforate, punch tubing, and cut for pipe recovery—on depth and in real time. View

  • Live PL service illustration
    Digital slickline production logging services

    Run real-time production logs with the efficiency of slickline across a range of wellbore environments. View

LIVE Services: Tool Operation
Expand the well intervention operating envelope with digital slickline services that reliably log downhole.


Components exclusive to the mechanical elements of LIVE services.

  • Flowchart of LIVE DSL services.
    Digital Pulsed Neutron (DPN)
    Latest addition to LIVE PL services

    Inform wellsite decision making and optimize reservoir management and production in mature fields. View

  • eFire-SL Slickline-Deployed Electronic Firing Head
    Slickline-deployed electronic firing head

    Take full control of arming, firing, aborting, and rearming. View

  • DCR tool.
    Digital controlled release tool

    Enable controlled separation of the toolstring head and tool assembly, leaving a standard internal and external fishing profile downhole. View

  • D-Jar Digital Downhole Adjustable Jar
    Digital downhole adjustable jar

    Electrically release based on LIVE Act services tension measurements at the head of the toolstring. View

  • DSJ Digital Spang Jar
    Digital spang jar

    Combine with D-Set tool for simple mechanical jarring of the standard digital slickline toolstring. View

  • D-Set Digital Electrohydraulic Setting Tool
    Digital electrohydraulic setting tool

    Control this industry-compatible electrohydraulic, battery-powered setting device from surface. View

  • Digital Continuous Flowmeter
    Digital continuous flowmeter

    Provide flow measurement in casing or tubing by combining a mechanical spinner with the digital flowmeter cartridge. View

  • DFF Digital Fullbore Flowmeter
    Digital fullbore flowmeter

    Deliver in-casing flow measurement using a mechanical spinner section combinable with a digital flowmeter cartridge. View

  • DIF Digital In-Line Flowmeter
    Digital inline flowmeter

    Acquire secondary spinner measurements in high fluid velocities. View

  • DPI Digital Slickline Production Logging Interface
    Digital slickline production logging interface

    Control acquisition by the production logging tools downhole. View

  • DTC Digital Temperature Capacitance Tool
    Digital temperature capacitance tool

    Combine three key production logging sensors in one compact, reliable package. View