Digital slickline mechanical services

LIVE digital slickline services.

Enhance the quality and safety of mechanical operations

LIVE Act digital slickline mechanical services improve the quality and safety of conventional slickline operations, such as gauge cutter runs, drift runs, and pulling and setting of subsurface safety valves. Gas lift valve installation, for instance, can be monitored and promptly checked for possible leakage or malfunction.

In addition to accurate depth determination using gamma ray and casing collar locator measurements, advanced sensors provide real-time surface readout of downhole head tension, shock, and deviation. This increased knowledge of the status of the downhole toolstring is extremely useful if abnormal or unexpected events occur, especially in deviated wells and during jarring and fishing. The measurements make it possible to refine operating procedures to better match well conditions and improve subsequent job assessment. The success of an operation can be confirmed while still in the hole.

Enhance the quality and safety of mechanical operations
Cover of SPE-203103 Technical Paper

SPE Technical Paper—Case Study: Tubing Straddle System to Restore Oil Production Using Digital Slickline Conveyance

Learn how a unique package of digital slickline mechanical services provided a complete rigless intervention solution to detect and patch tubing leakage in ESP wells.

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