• Deepwater Operations

    Deepwater exploration and development present a range of challenges from defining prospects, constructing wells, to maintaining production and optimizing recovery.

  • Unconventional Resources

    Better reservoir knowledge and increasingly sophisticated technologies make the production of unconventional resources economically viable and more efficient.

  • Heavy Oil

    The main challenge in heavy oil is not in finding resources, but in extracting, recovering, producing, and selling heavy crudes within often changing economic guidelines.


Latin America

Schlumberger has worked in the Latin America region for more than 80 years. During this time, we have learned the importance of integrating local knowledge with global expertise. This combination has helped meet a diversity of challenges, including field management in Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador; frontier exploration in Peru and Trinidad & Tobago; heavy oil field development in Venezuela; presalt reservoir development in Brazil; and new shale gas operations in Argentina.

Providing the technology and expertise necessary for optimal production in the deep waters, mature fields, and shale gas reservoirs across Latin America, Schlumberger strives for excellence in each and every operation, always in a more safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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