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Optimizing Heavy Oil Reservoirs

Opened in 2006, the Faja Center of Excellence symbolizes the commitment Schlumberger has made to the Venezuelan national oil industry. It was designed to provide a collaborative environment where customers can work with Schlumberger experts to overcome the challenges inherent in heavy oil exploitation in the Orinoco Belt and other heavy oil fields in Latin America.

With the most advanced simulation and geoscience software technology, combined with the latest 3D stereographic display systems and the most sophisticated computing power infrastructure, engineers and scientists at the center provide key information for continuing research and technology development.

Local Knowledge, Global Expertise

To increase the heavy oil recovery factor, technological advances are needed in all E&P areas. The Faja Center of Excellence provides technology solutions to industry in

- reservoir characterization
- well construction
- survey completion and artificial
- monitoring and control
- reservoir simulation
- primary recovery
- water injection
- steamflooding and cyclic steam stimulation
- steam-assisted gravity drainage systems and variants
- in situ combustion and its variants
- specialized courses.

The center connects to the Schlumberger professional global support network, and, through this network, heavy oil experts’ work with multidisciplinary teams from other Schlumberger research and technology centers to help customers maximize recovery in the heavy oil reservoirs of the Latin America region.

Telephone: +58 281 500 5727
Address: Av. Intercomunal Andrés Bello
Puerto La Cruz - Anzoategui - 6001

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