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Well testing live performance

Interactive, information-centric well testing

Concert well testing live performance brings digital automation and communication to well testing by giving you—in your office or wherever you designate—the same real-time information and interactive capabilities as the operations personnel and experts in the remote operations center.

This seamless access and sharing of data, diagnostics, and analysis improves your test’s efficiency, data quality, and safety to mitigate uncertainty and achieve actionable results.

Concert performance shares data, video, diagnostics, andanalysis for informed decision making.

​​Winner of 2019 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award and Hart Energy's Special Meritorious Award for Engineering in the Formation Evaluation category

Well testing live performance

No more roadblocks in determining whether your test objectives are being met

Conventional well tests—for exploration and producing wells and hydraulic fracturing flowback—are complicated operations that pose numerous challenges, from environmental and safety considerations to data quantity and quality. Many operations are still performed manually and data is separately collected, so information is not easily accessible.

Concert performance brings transparency, collaboration, and accessibility to transform testing operations. A connected well test is a better well test.

New system architecture for automated acquisition, display, and analysis

A flexible wireless sensor network, wearable technology, and HD-cabled video cameras inform wellsite displays across ruggedized tablets and your web-based dashboard—wherever you want to see your well test. The concurrent analysis and advanced diagnostics refine the scope of work and predict operational events.

Further improvements to test efficiency and HSE come from automated data acquisition that eliminates exposure to manual sampling and monitoring.

Concert well testing live performance increases operational control and communication by connecting everyone involved. We'll not only accomplish mutual goals but do so faster, smarter, and safer.

Concert well testing live performance
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