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Downhole Test Tools

Optimize the test string to meet your test objectives

Test string components that bring certainty

Selecting the right equipment for your downhole test string is the key to efficiently meeting your test objectives and, ultimately, accurately characterizing your reservoir.

You’ll be able to design an optimal test string with our downhole test tools, equipment, and expertise for reservoir testing success in any operating environment.

Quartet Downhole Reservoir Testing System

Downhole Test Tool Offerings

Slip Joints

Accommodate any changes in testing string length

Adapt to changes in string length caused by temperature and pressure during drillstem testing.

Circulating and Reversing Valves

Flow control systems

Circulate and reverse circulate with a suite of multicycle and single-shot valves.

Downhole Tester Valves

Open and shut case for reservoir testing certainty

Control downhole flow and shut-in with a variety of tester valves to fit your test objectives.

Downhole Safety Valves

Reliable well shut-in when you need it

Shut in the well with pumpthrough flapper or single-ball safety valves.

Pressure Test and Fill-Up Valves

Pressure testing filled or dry pipe and tubing

Fill and test tubing while running in hole.

Hydraulic Jars and Safety Joints

Quick, effective response for stuck tools

Shake stuck strings loose or quickly release from the packer.

Reservoir Testing Packers

Effective sealing to isolate fluids for better test results

Set and retrieve packers easily with systems capable of withstanding high flow rates, temperatures, and pressures during testing and perforating.

uHPHT Single-Shot Reservoir Testing Systems

Simple, rugged, reliable test strings

Reliably perform ultrahigh-temperature, ultrahigh-pressure reservoir tests.

Surface-Controlled Downhole Test Tools

Fail-safe closure in an emergency

Enhance safety during testing operations with a surface-operated hydraulic safety valve.

Slimhole DST String

Reservoir testing in slim holes

Enable downhole reservoir testing in small-casing wells down to 4 1/2-in casing.

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