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Minimal environmental impact well effluent burner

Clean disposal of well effluent―onshore and offshore

No matter what type of oil, the EverGreen effluent burner performs fallout-free, smokeless combustion of liquid hydrocarbons produced during well testing. Heavy and waxy oils are no problem, and the EverGreen burner can operative effectively at up to 25% water cut.

The elimination of liquid fallout, visible smoke emissions, and oil dumping at the end of a burn sequence makes the EverGreen burner particularly well suited for operations in environmentally sensitive areas.

EverGreen Effluent Burner
EverGreen Minimal Environmental Impact Well Effluent Burner

How it works for you

The EverGreen minimal environmental impact well effluent burner is a single-head well test oil burner with either 12 nozzles or 1 nozzle. 

The burner geometry makes extensive use of pneumatic atomization and enhanced air induction and is equipped with twin pilots, a flame-front ignition system (BRFI), and built-in water screen to reduce heat radiation. The EverGreen burner is also fitted with an automatic shutoff valve that prevents oil spillage at the beginning and end of a burning run.

All EverGreen burners are manufactured under a Type Approval and Design Verification Review and are delivered with a Certificate of Conformity and a full quality file.

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