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Digital rock and fluid analytics services

Physical and digital: All together like never before

Only CoreFlow digital rock and fluid analytics services integrate physical and digital rock and fluid analyses, creating a 3D reservoir model that lets you rapidly simulate flow performance under multiple production scenarios.

This all-in-one approach uses physical laboratory measurements to refine reservoir simulation, which enables accurate measurement of relative permeability, capillary pressure, net present value, and other parameters that are vital to optimal reservoir engineering.

CoreFlow digital rock and fluid analytics services uses SEM imaging and analysis

Integrated insight for all reservoir types: shales, sands, and carbonates

Schlumberger worker performing digital core analysis on core sample in lab.

Digital core analytics regimens

DHD direct hydrodynamics pore flow simulation is part of CoreFlow services for simulating fluid flow through porous media by integrating digital measurements such as

  • whole-core dual-energy CT scanning and logging
  • digital core microCT imaging and analysis
  • scanning electron microscope (SEM) imaging and analysis.

Accurately and efficiently predict reservoir dynamics

Having a proprietary model of both physical and digital characteristics enables making better-informed decisions faster. Depending on the analysis, answers can be delivered in days rather than weeks and months rather than years compared with physical analysis alone.

By integrating physical and digital core and fluid analyses, you’ll maximize your understanding of the reservoir and the in situ interaction of rocks and fluids through quick, accurate answers.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Workflow
CoreFlow digital rock and fluid analytics services integrate physical and digital rock and fluid analyses to create a 3D pore model that enables you to quickly simulate reservoir containment performance under multiple capacity and injection scenarios. This comprehensive approach to laboratory core analysis ensures more accurate quantification of critical parameters such a relative permeability, so you can develop simulations to understand reservoir dynamics and mitigate risk in long-term CCS projects.
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