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Petrophysics Services

Formation evaluation of reservoir rock and fluid contents

Accurate determination of petrophysical properties for both the reservoir and its fluid contents is the basis of relevant formation evaluation.

Real-time, quantified data backed by laboratory analysis

Complete sets of real-time, quantified petrophysical measurements can be logged while drilling or acquired on wireline in both open and cased holes. Laboratory core and PVT analysis of recovered core and fluid samples confirms and enriches the available information.

Schlumberger worker looking at image generated by data integration petrophysics services.
Direct Determination of Accurate Quantified TOC
Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service eliminates the guesswork of estimating values by accounting for the carbon from oil-based mud in accurately determining total organic carbon (TOC), as confirmed by core measurements.
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Petrophysics Offering

Wireline Openhole Logging

Efficient acquisition of representative information

Advance your understanding to optimize reservoir performance.

Logging While Drilling (LWD) Services

High-quality data while drilling

Optimize reservoir mapping, formation evaluation, and geosteering decisions.

Interpretation and Analysis

Maximize the value of your data and measurements

Support reservoir characterization with formation imaging interpreted by domain experts.

Reservoir Laboratories

Comprehensive physical and digital rock and fluid analysis services

Make timely reservoir decisions with accurate, precise results from our services, technologies, and expertise.


Geology-based well test design and interpretation services

Maximize the value of your well tests with optimized design and interpretation services.

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