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Land seismic solution

Survey design flexibility
High data quality
Low survey cost
Reduced HSE impact

Fit-for-purpose land seismic solution

The eNode land seismic solution revolutionizes acquisition economics by reducing field logistical effort: It enables scalable, fit-for-purpose survey geometries in all terrains while lowering capex, opex, and HSE impact. Current acquisition geometries can be deployed at substantially lower cost and in less time, or receiver grid density can be increased more economically than by using alternative receiver technologies.

  • Small or large areas can be scaled up to unlimited receiver counts
  • Lightweight design eases node handling and deployment
  • Compact, scalable, high-capacity harvesting and charging system operates efficiently in remote locations
  • Solution provides fit-for-purpose QC and data management capabilities
eNode Solution: Compared with Conventional Telemetry Systems
The industry's lightest-weight land seismic node for reduced handling, transportation, and HSE exposure.
eNode Solution: Interview with the Experts
Hear directly from our experts on how eNode solution enables low-cost, scalable survey geometries while reducing HSE impact.

A technical and economical fit-for-purpose survey solution that addresses your reservoir characterization objectives—all while minimizing HSE impact.

Reduced operational footprint
Fewer personnel and vehicles—minimizing HSE impact, including CO2 emissions
Minimal receiver line clearance required; reduced access and remediation costs
Reduced lead time for permitting approvals

Reduce HSE impact during land seismic acquisitions

When acquiring land seismic data, line clearance for both sources and receivers is a major concern, especially in environments with difficult terrain—including hilly or mountainous regions, forests, areas of dense vegetation, and snow or permafrost-covered land. The process of obtaining the necessary environmental permits to acquire that data under such conditions can be cost prohibitive and time consuming.

By deploying the lightweight and cableless eNode solution node, you can reduce line clearance, personnel, vehicles, and source usage to minimize your overall survey footprint. This reduces HSE exposure—both logistically and economically—compared with conventional cable-telemetry systems and eases the permitting process.

The eNode solution is ideal for terrains with limited accessibility, areas with complex geology and challenging near-surface conditions, and climates with short acquisition seasons.

Deployment of the eNode solution
Lightweight and compact nodes enable quicker deployment—even in difficult-to-access areas—than conventional land seismic acquisition systems.
Crew deploying seismic acquisition nodes
eNode solution minimizes HSE impact by reducing the need for heavy equipment.
Person viewing seismic data acquired by eNode solution

More than a node—a complete solution to derisk your reservoir

The eNode solution is backed and supported by our highly experienced team of technical experts who have decades of experience in high-productivity, high-density seismic survey acquisition. We offer more than just the equipment itself—our services include full technical and operational support and training for added efficiencies, as well as integration with other business lines to provide complete solutions from survey evaluation and design modeling to reservoir characterization.

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