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GAIA Xchange Data Marketplace Testimonials

A word from our partners

IHS Markit

Senior Vice President, Upstream Energy, David Hicks

“At IHS Markit, we are really excited to be working with Schlumberger on the GAIA [Xchange marketplace]. This is a great example of companies coming together to bring new solutions to the industry, and in time, provide a future path of great success.”

Today's global energy landscape is interconnected and dynamic. Energy solutions from IHS Markit comprise some of the most extensive information, analytics, insight, and advisory services in the world. We deliver oil and gas databases and software, energy supply and demand forecasts, and comprehensive data on transactions at the global and regional market levels. Our renowned energy experts empower leaders worldwide to make their best decisions.

GAIA Xchange Marketplace: IHS Markit Testimonial
Senior Vice President of Upstream Energy David Hicks discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.
GAIA Xchange Marketplace: NVentures Testimonial
Director Peter Elliott discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.


Director Peter Elliott

“We see the Schlumberger GAIA Xchange [marketplace] as a valuable and future-proof platform for delivering NVentures' value to oil companies and service companies that need to reach successful outcomes quickly within a modern, holistic E&P data environment.”

NVentures is an upstream exploration firm specializing in technical and commercial intelligence for explorationists. Working in the upstream sector for 25 years, the firm delivers high-quality, comprehensive data and reports to oil and service companies worldwide. In collaboration with industry joint venture partners, NVentures brings together vital technical resources to help understand exploration results and trends. NVentures is the source for up-to-date, insightful, and well-illustrated E&P activity information, helping track activity and point to new trends and future successful exploration. 

NVentures products and services are designed to provide information and insight to exploration teams monitoring activity and local exploration results. This includes subsurface context, as well as new ventures and business development groups analyzing opportunities, trends, and the farmout market. Service companies and strategic managers utilize the NVentures product suite to determine market focus and resource priorities. NVentures has a long record of researching and reporting in the upstream sector, as well as focused consulting work for dedicated projects.

The GAIA Xchange [marketplace] is enhancing the way the industry perceives and utilizes data by discovering, visualizing, and interacting with all available data in a region or basin.— Peter Elliott, NVentures

Rystad Energy

Managing Director Nick Livingstone

“The obstacle for companies is knowing those vendors exist and being able to quickly determine whether their information is relevant to their specific challenge, workflow, or operations. GAIA [Xchange marketplace] will help us solve that. We are excited to bring our world-class data to this community, and for the first time, through the marketplace, be visible to all of the companies that never knew we could help.”

Rystad Energy is the world’s leading independent energy-focused data analytics and advisory firm. Located in 17 countries, our experts leverage primary networks, public data, and artificial intelligence to build a fact-based long-term view of every oil and gas field, renewable energy source, operator, oilfield service firm, and country. Our clients explore, build and develop, operate, finance, and invest in the wider energy space, leveraging our data and advisory services across their workflows to reduce risk, cost, and decision times. Rystad Energy’s comprehensive and consistent micro-to-macro datasets are truly unique. Our flexible and adaptive technology solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ needs at all times. We are committed to offering the highest level of service for our customers—providing intelligence, engagement, and support throughout the entire product and service-delivery cycle.

GAIA Xchange Marketplace: Rystad Energy Testimonial
Managing Director Nick Livingstone discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.
Photograph of Mark Chiles, chief digital officer at Hart Energy

Hart Energy

Chief Digital Officer Mark Chiles

“As a single source of data, the GAIA Xchange data marketplace will be a factor for companies—large and small—to have quick access to structured, unstructured, analytical, and statistical data from the oil field."

Since 1973, Hart Energy has been the global energy industry's comprehensive source for news, data, and analysis that informs business and technology decisions. The company plays many different roles: publisher, consultant, event organizer, online content developer, researcher, digital mapping specialist, and veteran industry observer. The common thread between these roles is information—text, data, and images—aggregated from experts, made more valuable through our organization, comparison, and analysis. Hart Energy provides timely and targeted information to a worldwide audience that includes E&P companies, pipeline operators, refiners and finished fuel producers, service companies, the financial and investment community, engineering and automotive industries, utilities, leading nongovernment organizations (NGOs), and the world's major governments.


Senior Vice President, Data Services, Rey Tagle

“Now for the first time, energy professionals can get access to Rextag databases through the GAIA [digital subsurface platform] interface to access more than 1.5 million mi of pipelines and more than 1 million energy facilities, as well as Rextag’s oil and gas and wellhead production information.”

Rextag, a Hart Energy company, is a provider of energy infrastructure data. Rextag collects energy data from multiple sources and checks and validates this data, compiling an extensive and integrated database on a wide range of energy assets. This data is delivered to customers in convenient formats, including dynamic databases, web-browser access, and printed maps. Rextag delivers data and visualization tools to more than 80% of the top energy companies in the United States, serving all segments of the energy industry: upstream E&P, midstream pipelines and facilities, downstream refiners and power generators, electric and renewables, banking and finance, governments, NGOs, engineering and oilfield services, and more.

GAIA Xchange Marketplace: Rextag Testimonial
Senior Vice President Rey Tagle discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.

GAIA [Xchange marketplace] offers a unique opportunity to bring together the top authoritative data providers into a single, easy-to-find and integrated data exchange.—Rey Tagle, Rextag

GAIA Xchange Marketplace: Exploro Geoservices Testimonial­
CEO Tomas Kjennerud discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.

Exploro Geoservices

CEO Dr. Tomas Kjennerud

“GAIA Xchange [data marketplace] is a flexible, effective, and secure way to distribute ToolkitLIVE to our clients . . . GAIA [Xchange marketplace] provides the reference platform to discover the subsurface globally."

Exploro is an independent, privately owned, geological and geophysical business founded in 2005. Exploro is leading the way in integrated geological and geophysical (G&G) multiclient products for Northwest Europe. Exploro's flagship product is ToolkitLIVE, which is a subscription-based E&P product covering everything from early phase screening to exploration and business development.

Exploro also carries out highly specialized consulting services ranging from initial screening to licensing applications, maturing prospects, drill decisions, as well as maturing discoveries to final investment decision.

PDS Group

Subsurface Director Viki O’Connor

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Schlumberger, in particular with the GAIA Xchange [data marketplace] to connect with new customers and realize our technical goals supporting everyday geoscientists to investigate issues such as reservoir compartmentalization.”

PDS Group is a globally established supplier of petrotechnical software and technical consulting services to the E&P industry. While actively expanding our operations to adjacent sectors, such as utilities and natural resources, we remain fully committed to our traditional markets, working with industry leaders in exploration and production to reinvent petrotechnical software and break new ground in digital transformation.

GAIA Xchange Marketplace: PDS Group Testimonial
Subsurface Director Viki O’Connor discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.
GAIA Xchange Marketplace: Oseberg Testimonial­
Director of Product Rich Herrmann discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.


Director of Product Rich Herrmann

“As a small US company, we don’t have much exposure to an international audience. GAIA [Xchange marketplace] provides a fit-to-purpose opportunity for us to get to know each other. We were one of the first vendors to sign up to participate in the platform and look forward to its official launch.”

Oseberg is a next-generation oil and gas information and data analytics company that offers a compelling new approach to rapidly convert public regulatory and county courthouse data into actionable intelligence. We aggregate the most inaccessible state, federal, and county records and deliver them to our customers via a suite of B2B SaaS products that enable them to search, map, mine, and perform statistical analysis on every strand of data. Our technology reduces weeks and months of work to hours and seconds, empowering our clients to rapidly uncover leasing, drilling, enhanced completion, and acquisition opportunities.

Fluid Inclusion Consulting

Director Jack Cawthorne

“By showcasing our databases on the GAIA Xchange data marketplace, we’ll be able to extend the reach of this technology to a much wider global audience. We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to access our data and we see this as a way of facilitating that.”

Fluid Inclusion Consulting (FIC) works in conjunction with Fluid Inclusion Technologies, a Schlumberger company, to generate and promote fluid inclusion datasets to improve our understanding of the history of petroleum systems, a one-stop-shop evaluation of rock and fluids insight.

GAIA Xchange Marketplace: Fluid Inclusion Consulting Testimonial­
Director Jack Cawthorne discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.

With so much data available these days and in so many varying formats, it can only help the industry to have a universal system like the GAIA [Xchange marketplace] that helps to clarify what is available and where.—Jack Cawthorne, FIC

Photograph of Joel Harding, vice president and co-owner of GeoEdges Inc.

GeoEdges Inc.

Vice President & Co-Owner Joel Harding

“GAIA [Xchange marketplace] will help us effectively reach potential clients that might not otherwise know what we have to offer. Since GAIA [platform] content is geospatial and searchable, it suits us perfectly to showcase our coverage across four continents.”

GeoEdges Inc. is a Calgary-based enterprise that creates digital, geological play maps for the petroleum exploration industry. The company began mapping in Western Canada in 1995 and ventured into the US in 2007. Since then, GeoEdges has expanded its dynamic library of subsurface map layers and regional cross-sections to all corners of North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

Maxar Technologies

Sales Manager Mike Bunyan

“Maxar is very excited to participate in this launch . . . We see this as an entry point for our customers who are tackling large and small projects where they will be able to start their planning phase and then move into execution. We believe throughout the execution, they will return time and time again to the [GAIA Xchange marketplace] to help them with their projects.”

Maxar provides earth intelligence solutions that combine high-resolution imagery and advanced geospatial solutions to help decision makers better understand our changing planet and save lives, resources, and time. Imagery provided by the WorldView Legion constellation of satellites delivers unmatched coverage and capacity to meet any customer's most demanding mission requirements. Each day, customers in defense and intelligence, public safety, civil agencies, mapmaking and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management, navigation technology, and location-based services use Maxar data, information, technology, and expertise to gain actionable insight.

GAIA Xchange Marketplace: Maxar Technologies Testimonial­
Sales Manager Mike Bunyan discusses the marketplace as an enabler for E&P business.
Photograph of Andreas Cordsen, president of CHAD Data

CHAD Data Ltd

President Andreas Cordsen

CHAD Data Ltd. is a Canadian company holding all ownership and trading rights to extensive geophysical potential field databases in Western and Northern Canada. CHAD’s geophysical databases consist of high-resolution aeromagnetic (HRAM) data and gravity data. CHAD licenses this data to companies exploring for oil and gas, deep geothermal energy, mineral, and other resources in Western and Northern Canada.

CHAD’s HRAM databases consist of approximately 637,600 km of data covering large parts of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as most of the Canadian part of the Williston Basin in Southeast Saskatchewan. Our HRAM data were all acquired with GPS technology and tight flight and tie line spacings suitable for most intrasedimentary exploration targets, as well as some intrabasement features. The HRAM data have been culturally edited to remove all identifiable manufactured magnetic artifacts and noise. The data quality is generally excellent, having been subject to rigorous in-field quality control during acquisition, and is as good as one might acquire today at higher costs—perhaps even better in areas where there has been extensive development (creating new sources of magnetic noise) in the last decade or more.

ChronoSurveys, Lda

Technical Director Gil Machado

“Digital marketplace, big data, and other emerging technologies will permanently change the way we work. The oil and gas industry is no different, and the GAIA [platform] is an excellent way to have geoscientific information at your fingertips. It will boost the interaction between multiclient, public domain, and proprietary data, making workflows and decision making much more efficient. We at ChronoSurveys are proud to be part of this fantastic new way of working!”

ChronoSurveys, Lda is a geological consultancy that offers integrated services to the oil and gas and mining industries, research institutions, and geological surveys internationally. We are a group of consultants with vast international industry and academia experience, working with Precambrian to recent sediments and a variety of geological settings. Our services include petroleum geology (seismic and well data interpretation), regional prospectivity studies, biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, source rock evaluation, and thermal maturation studies.

Photograph of Gil Machado, technical director at ChronoSurveys
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