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Brazil Transfer of Rights Bid Round for Excess Volumes

Enhance your prospectivity assessment of presalt fields in the Santos Basin

Evaluate presalt targets with greater certainty than before. In October 2019, the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels (ANP) is auctioning off excess reserves in four presalt fields of the Santos Basin. This surplus results from the 2010 Transfer of Rights Agreement between Petrobras and the Brazilian Government, in which Petrobras was granted the right to extract up to 5 billion bbl of oil equivalent. Due to the high volumes of oil and natural gas and high productivity, the ANP will auction off rights to the Atapu, Buzios, Itapu, and Sepia blocks, covering approximately 1,400 km2 collectively. Under a production-sharing contracting model, the winner will pay Petrobras compensation for investments already made in the area and will acquire part of the assets and production.

3D seismic data of Santos Basin
Santos Basin 3D data Santos Basin 3D data with interpretation
Image showing clear delineation of presalt structures in the Santos Basin.

Illuminate complex subsurface targets with high-definition data

Within the presalt polygons of the Santos Basin, WesternGeco has acquired high-definition 3D surveys that help you gain a better understanding of key stratigraphic and structural features. These 4D-ready surveys cover approximately 10,595 km2 and include prestack depth migration final volumes. High-density acquisition, optimal acquisition direction, and intrasalt tomography have enabled us to overcome the challenges associated with presalt imaging and provide a more confident subsurface evaluation—leading to more effective drilling decisions in the appraisal and production phases, reducing risk.

Inside the Iara HD4D survey boundaries, we have applied some of our most advanced technologies in acquiring a Coil Shooting single-vessel full-azimuth acquisition survey to better illuminate the complex subsurface and characterize the presalt reservoirs.

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