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Cavendish 3D Reprocessing Project

2,736 km2 of 3D multiclient seismic data

Illuminate structural complexity in the southern North Sea

In collaboration with the industry, WesternGeco is completing a prestack depth migration reprocessing project over the Greater Cavendish area covering 2,736 km2 in the UK North Sea. The project includes the reprocessing of WesternGeco’s 1995 Cavendish 3D data and two public datasets with a potential for extension to adjacent areas using additional released data. Situated on the northern fringes of the southern North Sea Basin, the project area sits on shallow water with presalt targets, which require targeted geophysical solutions for accurate seismic imaging.

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The Cavendish 3D reprocessing project area sits on shallow water with presalt targets requiring targeted geophysical solutions for accurate seismic imaging.

Preliminary 3D seismic available Q4 2020

Increase confidence in exploration decisions

The Cavendish 3D reprocessing project reduces uncertainty in the structural image and improves amplitude reliability at the Carboniferous and prerift definition in the presalt.

The data has been processed through an optimized broadband workflow including data-adaptive deghosting and advanced surface and interbed multiple attenuation. Full-waveform inversion (FWI) is used to produce a high-resolution velocity model to reduce uncertainties within the Zechstein salt and improve the imaging in the presalt.

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