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Egypt Red Sea 2019 Bid Round

Discover an underexplored region with significant potential for hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs

Egypt Red Sea bid round blacks map

The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is offering 10 blocks spanning 30,000 km2 across 5 prolific basins of the Egyptian Red Sea. This is a tremendous opportunity for operators because of the area’s high potential for working petroleum systems and relative lack of exploration.

However, new subsurface images are needed to delineate deep-seated, complex post- and presalt structures, which are known to contain porous reservoirs, source rocks, and high structural frequency, based on geologic knowledge, global analogues, and rock outcrops onshore.

Newly acquired 2D data and reimaged 2D data

WesternGeco and TGS, in collaboration with South Valley Egyptian Petroleum Holding Company (Ganope), have acquired approximately 11,000 km of long-offset 2D broadband data to give operators the ability to assess investment in the Egyptian Red Sea. This data includes 12-km offsets, broad bandwidths, and gravity and magnetics measurements to help you delineate the subsurface structural framework and image deep subsurface targets. Final 2D and prestack time- and depth-migrated data volumes are available for licensing.

We have also reimaged approximately 17,000 km of 2D legacy data to improve signal enhancement. Dense legacy data coverage correlated with well logs enable you to fill in subsurface seismic data gaps with our newly acquired data to evaluate a consistent regional image of the subsurface.

complex geologic structures of the Egyptian Red Sea complex geologic structures of the Egyptian Red Sea
Move the slider to see how our newly acquired 2D seismic data reveals considerable imaging uplift in the complex geologic structures of the Egyptian Red Sea.

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