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Gulf of Mexico South Timbalier

3D multiclient full-azimuth, long-offset data from Central Gulf of Mexico

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The Schlumberger South Timbalier 3D multiclient survey comprises  high-fidelity full-azimuth acquisition from over 118 OCS blocks in the Central Gulf of Mexico.

This survey covers areas from

  • South Timbalier South
  • Ship Shoal South Addition
  • Grand Isle Addition shallow-water protraction zones.
Map showing  South Timbalier survey area.
Map showing  South Timbalier survey area.

Optimize imaging of complex salt structures

Combining full-azimuth and long offsets with high-end processing technologies like anisotropic deghosted reverse time migration (DRTM), the South Timbalier survey improves visualization of complex salt structures and steeply dipping sediment areas. With integrated technology and geoscience expertise, this survey delivers improved imaging of complex structures like diapiric salt in the Lower Miocene/Oligocene plays, by providing

  • increased subsalt illumination using both full-azimuth and long-offset data
  • more detailed illumination for fracture and fault mapping
  • improved anisotropy and anisotropic velocity modeling
  • robust information to improve velocity model building in areas containing salt bodies.

3D high-fidelity full-azimuth acquisition

Acquisition highlights

The South Timbalier 3D multiclient survey was acquired using multivessel full-azimuth acquisition, which employed two fleets of two vessels—one source and one recording boat—equipped with a point-receiver marine seismic system. Recording boats continuously shoot in a series of interlinked circles with a 5,500-m radius, and data are acquired over the full-azimuth (360°) and over the full offset range to deliver a 10-km long-offset dataset.