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Malaysia 2020 Licensing Round

Enhance your prospectivity assessments in Block SB 2T offshore Sabah, Malaysia

Block SB 2T offshore Sabah covers a proven but structurally complex petroleum system with highly prospective carbonate reservoirs.

To support your prospectivity assessments for the current licensing round, we recently acquired 19,000 km² of 3D broadband seismic survey in a joint venture with TGS and PGS that includes portions of this block.

3D multimeasurement seismic survey and licensing round Blocks SB 2T and 2H.
3D multimeasurement seismic survey and licensing round Block SB 2T.
Hydrocarbon attributes overlaid on an eXchroma chromatic geology extraction software volume.
Hydrocarbon attributes overlaid on an eXchroma chromatic geology extraction software volume. The attribute data clearly corresponds to productive wells (red) while the dry hole (yellow) is in an area where the attributes do not support drilling. Well locations and information courtesy of IHS.

Survey acquisition and processing details

The 3D broadband seismic survey was acquired using multimeasurement streamer technology and processed with broadband techniques to improve frequency content and structural imaging. Gravity and magnetic data were used to guide earth model building and supplement the seismic data for regional interpretation, particularly of basement structures.

Accelerate hydrocarbon discovery with improved seismic data quality

The higher-frequency content of the data enables better imaging of the

  • Ubah and Rohu lower tertiary thrust sheets
  • Sabah Trough
  • northernmost extent of Dangerous Grounds
  • Cenezoic rift system.

Improved illumination of the subsurface enhances prospect evaluations, improves estimation of potential reservoir geometry, and reduces exploration risk.

Legacy Kirchhoff prestack time migration newly acquired and processed 3D multimeasurement seismic data
Legacy Kirchhoff prestack time migration (left) compared with our newly acquired and processed 3D multimeasurement seismic data (right). Move the slider to see how imaging of the basement structures, gas clouds, and faulting is significantly improved.
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