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West Wick 3D Reprocessing Project

884 km2 of 3D multiclient seismic data

Reprocessed legacy seismic surveys across the Moray Firth Basin

WesternGeco has completed the West Wick 3D 2019 prestack depth migration (PSDM) project, a reprocessing of the Quad 13 Phase 2 survey and a subset of WesternGeco's Inner Moray Firth 3D 2014 PSDM dataset. The Moray Firth Basin, located in the UK's North Sea oil province, is one of the most attractive basins for investment, with discoveries predominantly in the lower Cretaceous and Jurassic period.

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The West Wick 3D reprocessing project includes data in the Moray Firth Basin, one of the most attractive basins for investment in the UK North Sea.

The high-resolution 3D seismic is available to support upcoming license rounds.

West Wick seismic data before processing. West Wick seismic data after processing.
Use the slider to see how the West Wick 3D reprocessing data enables you to accurately map the behavior and distribution of thin sands.

Improving high-resolution imaging

Enhanced amplitude fidelity and thin-bed resolution were the key processing objectives in the reprocessing sequence. The updated workflow, optimized for broadband, was a 3D prestack full-waveform inversion (FWI), which produced a high-resolution velocity model to reduce the effects of shallow channels and near-sea-bottom uncertainties. Current depth imaging, with support of the latest multiple attenuation techniques, focused the subchalk reflections and enhanced fault resolution in the target areas.

The West Wick 3D reprocessing presents a unique opportunity to map the behavior and distribution of thin sands with accuracy.

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