REDA Maximus Technology Increases Production by 70% for Russian Operator | Schlumberger
Case Study
Van-Yogan Field, Russia, Europe, Onshore

Challenge: Maximize production in tight casing and increase the run life of the electrical submersible pump (ESP) system.

Solution: Install REDA Maximus ProMotor integrated system with built-in protector and downhole sensor, coupled with a high-capacity REDA GN10000 pump.


  • Installed ESP in less than 3 hours in extremely cold weather.
  • Increased production by more than 70%, with no noticeable wear on the system components after 890 days of reliable operation—a 700% increase over previous runs.
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REDA Maximus Technology Increases Production by 70% for Russian Operator

ESP operates 700% longer in extreme arctic conditions

Achieving production potential in restricted casing

TNK-BP Vanyoganneft operates the Van-Yogan field in Russia's Nizhnevartovsk region, where winter temperatures are extremely cold. Though production potential from the wells is high, the actual production is limited by the 6 5/8-in casing commonly used in Russia. This casing size limits motor and pump options.

The production potential of the TNK-BP Vanyoganneft Well 8049 was more than 4,000 m3/d. However, because of the technical limitations of the equipment, the well was actually producing at about 650 m3/d. In addition, the competitor’s ESP run life ranged from 61 to 457 days. The operator contacted Schlumberger to provide a solution that would maximize production from the well and improve the run life of the ESP system.

Providing reliability through plug-and-play design

The ProMotor integrated system was selected for this job because it is not weather-dependent like other systems and installs more reliably and in less time, returning the well to production faster and leaving no room for error at the wellsite. To achieve maximum production in a 6 5/8-in casing, a 540 Series REDA GN10000 150-stage compression-type pump and a 450-hp 456 Series REDA Maximus system were selected.

The REDA Maximus ProMotor system, which combines the motor, the protector, and a downhole sensor in one unit, was factory-assembled to save valuable rig time. The plug-and-play design of REDA Maximus motors and protectors, which were filled with a high-dielectric-capacity oil in the controlled environment of Schlumberger manufacturing plants and service centers, eliminated weather-dependent field-servicing operations. This reduced installation time and ensured the integrity of the equipment during assembly in harsh ambient conditions.

The REDA factory-shimmed compression pump design extends system reliability by transferring all the axial thrust developed by the stages to the high-load protector bearing, without the complication of setting the shafts during assembly at the wellsite.

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Filling the REDA Maximus motor with oil in the Schlumberger manufacturing center.

Increasing production and ESP run life

Installed at –27 degC ambient temperature in less than 3 hours, the REDA Maximus ESP system saved at least 3 to 5 hours of installation time over conventional ESP systems. Production from the well increased to 1,100 m3/d from 650 m3/d, a 70% increase.

After 890 days of stable production, the unit was scheduled for a selective workover operation but showed minimal wear on the motor and the pump. It was rebuilt, serviced with new oil, and sent back to the field for installation in another well. This operating time was 700% better than previous ESPs used in this field. Based on this performance, Vanyoganneft is using the REDA Maximus ProMotor system exclusively in this field.

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Production history from Well 8049.
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