Lift IQ Service Reduces Time to Restart 42 Wells to 2.8 Hours—4 Minutes per Well, Ecuador | Schlumberger
Case Study
Ecuador, South America, Onshore

Challenge: Reduce time needed to restart wells and avoid deferred production after unexpected power supply interruptions.

Solution: Use Lift IQ production life cycle management service and support from Artificial Lift Surveillance Center (ALSC) to monitor operations prior to the interruption, remotely restart the wells, and confirm the wells had successfully restarted after the interruption.


  • Reduced time to restart wells from 16.8 hours to a record 2.8 hours—an average of 4 minutes per well.
  • Reduced deferred production by 72%, representing savings of USD 190,000.
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Lift IQ Service Reduces Time to Restart 42 Wells to 2.8 Hours - 4 Minutes per Well, Ecuador

After unexpected power interruptions, Lift IQ service enabled successful restart, reducing deferred production by 72%

Unscheduled power supply interruption causes difficulties in restarting wells

A power supply interruption for a customer in Ecuador represents a major issue for production and logistics. Although these interruptions are not frequent, they severely affect operations, considering the remote well locations, mobilization and security coordination, and HSE exposure. To overcome these constraints, a solution was required that would enable remote well startups, reducing the time to reestablish the field and avoiding deferred production.

Lift IQ service identifies interruption, proceeds with remote startups, and confirms restarting

Schlumberger recommended using the Lift IQ service to monitor operations and quickly take action in the event of a power supply interruption. After one such interruption, the ALSC received confirmation from the local engineering team to proceed with the remote well startups. The team used Lift IQ service to confirm remote access to each well and identify when each well had started up. After restarting all the wells, the Lift IQ service was used to monitor performance during the stabilization period.

Well restarted in record time after power interruption

As a result, the 42 wells were started up in a record timing of 2.8 hours, instead of the estimated 16.8 hours if they were started up without the remote intervention of the ALSC team. Thanks to the collaboration between the remote and onsite operations teams, deferred production was reduced by an estimated 72%, representing savings of USD 190,000.

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Using Lift IQ service to m ell performance and confirm well restarting reduced deferred production and overall costs.
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