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Multiphase Gas-Handling System in Combination with ESP Triples Oil Production, Gabon

Published: 07/11/2022

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Gassy wells hindered oil production

Maurel & Prom Gabon was forced to limit drawdown—and hence production—from some of its wells to prevent gas coming out of solution because the PCPs used for artificial lift had limited gas-handling capability. To address this issue, the operator installed ESPs in several wells, but the challenge persisted. Increasing drawdown— and the consequent higher gas production—had a negative impact on pump efficiency and was causing production instability. The operator had tried setting the pump below the perforations and using a shroud, but the situation did not improve.

ESP gas-handling system provided a solution

Schlumberger proposed installing its MGH multiphase gas-handling system in conjunction with the ESP. This system can successfully operate at GVFs up to 75%, far exceeding the limitations of conventional gas-handling devices and enabling maintenance of high boost pressure with increasing inlet gas fractions. It is designed to improve ESP operational stability in gassy wells, provide better slug handling in horizontal wells, and increase production rate and reserves recovery.

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Use of an MGH system with the existing ESP dramatically stabilized production. Average oil output increased by 200%.

Operator achieved 200% higher and stable output

After installing the MGH system in one of its most critical wells, Maurel & Prom was able to increase drawdown by lowering the pump intake pressure from 70 to 14 bar [from about 1,000 to 200 psi]. Oil production stabilized and increased by 200%. Following this successful introduction, MGH systems have been installed in three additional wells with equally satisfactory outcomes.

Gabon, Africa

An operator deployed the MGH multiphase gas-handling system in combination with electric submersible pumps (ESPs) to increase and stabilize oil production despite high gas volume fractions (GVFs).

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