Operator Eliminates Stimulation and Injection Limitations in Multizone Completions with Robust Packers

Published: 07/14/2022

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Poorly performing completion packers limit stimulation and injection

Operators in Colombia had been experiencing challenges with their completion packers, including unexpected packer releases. The packers had limited operations to a depth of 7,000 ft and a maximum treatment pressure of 3,500 psi, well below one operator's technical requirements for an upcoming completion and stimulation campaign. To facilitate enhanced oil recovery by means of waterflooding, this operator also needed to increase the injection rates above the limitations of the packers.

BluePack Max RH packers provide operational flexibility

Using customer-provided data, Schlumberger developed a technical proposal to meet the required objectives and recommended the installation of BluePack Max RH packers. A single-trip method enables the operator to perform up to five zone completions more quickly, while preassembled bottomhole assembly components reduce rig time. The use of disconnection equipment, such as on-off tools, provides the ability to change the injection string if required for future interventions without pulling the entire well completion. In addition, because of their configurable, modular design, BluePack Max RH packers can be quickly modified to suit a variety of well designs, facilitating inventory management, while the ability to customize the elastomer and O-rings enabled the operator to perform acid stimulation, which was not previously possible.

BluePack Max RH packer.
BluePack Max RH packers reduced rig flat time for multizone completion installation by 1–2 days and were set simultaneously.

BluePack Max RH packers expand operating envelope

Using BluePack Max RH packers, the operator has expanded the operational parameters, and injection and stimulation can be performed at depths of 11,000 ft and pressures of 4,500 psi. The operator can also perform multizone injections at the required 2,000 bbl/d and acid stimulation jobs. Using the single-trip method, the operator is performing multizone completions in up to five zones and 1–2 days faster. More than 50 BluePack Max RH packers have been successfully installed in the Colombia project since October 2020, providing the operator with exceptional reliability.

Colombia, South America, Onshore
Using BluePack Max RH high-pressure retrievable hydraulic-set production packers in a cut-to-release configuration enabled an operator in Colombia to overcome well stimulation and injection limitations in multizone completions and reach previously inaccessible formations. Multizone completions are now performed 1–2 days faster at depths of 11,000 ft and 4,500-psi pressure. More than 50 BluePack Max RH packers have been successfully installed in the project since October 2020, providing the operator with reliability.
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